Asian businesswoman on a video call

Are your on-cam video calls stressing you out? Does having to sound more daunting than it should be? Maybe you just need a bit of inspiration, as well as a long hard look inside your closet for pieces you already have! Here are the only four basic shirt types you need to create multiple easy looks for your virtual meetings — and maybe even IRL!

The Classic T-Shirt

Don’t underestimate the power of a basic, fitted tee! Yes, you’ll need a fitted one because those trendy oversize shirts don’t translate well when people can only see you from the shoulders up. A well-fitting T-shirt, however simple, can look smart on camera. The best part is, it’s also comfortable to wear while . If you want to stand out, choose pieces in trendy colors, such as orange, lilac, and pistachio. However, have some neutrals on hand that you can repeat regularly without anyone noticing. 

The V-Neck Vest

A vest is a sleeveless, waist-length top with no collar, and can come with or without buttons. A classic V-neck vest is always in style. It’s also versatile enough to be worn on its own or layered with other tops to mix up new looks. The “V” neckline, on the other hand, creates visual contrast when worn over other tops, such as a classic T-shirt. Wear it like a for more casual meets and over another shirt if you want a more interesting look. 

The Turtleneck

A favorite uniform of CEOs, the turtleneck, of all the shirt types, can give you a sophisticated and polished look, especially in black. It’s a staple among the fashionable set, too. It’s at once a statement piece and a team player. You can layer your turtleneck with other tops such as low-cut blouses or a printed button-down shirt to create more Zoom meeting outfits. However, it does its best work on its own. It can elongate the neck and accentuate the jawline, two of your most  .

The Gypsy Top

This one is for variety and interest. A gypsy or “boho” top is a flouncy top that often has a gathered neckline that you can also style off-the-shoulder. Why do you need a gypsy top? You don’t really, but chances are you already have one at home. Moreover, it’s a fun top to wear when you want a breather from the basics. It looks great on camera, too, as it shows off your collarbones and flatters most body types. If you want to show off your fun, easygoing side, this is the top for that.

Glowing skin is always a good complement to all shirt types. If you’re showing off your neck, decolletage, shoulders, and arms, make sure they look healthy, bright, and hydrated with the right products. 

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Do an inventory of your wardrobe and check if you already have these shirt types in your closet. Use these essential tops to create multiple looks by wearing them on their own or layered with other pieces. No more disappearing into the background on video calls! These flattering shirt types will make you look sharp and stand out.