A portrait of woman and man holding a rose while gazing at each other lovingly.

Part of what makes a marriage proposal thrilling is the element of surprise. And what could be more unexpected than flipping the traditional gender roles? Instead of waiting for your man to get on one knee, take the lead and pop the question yourself.

It’s rare to see women planning a marriage proposal, seeing as it has long been considered a masculine move. But for these three women, proposing to their boyfriends made perfect sense. Keep scrolling to read their stories and how they got ready for the Big Ask. 

Make Sure Both of You Are on the Same Page

Even if you and your SO are like two peas in a pod, it’s important to talk about things that matter to you to know where the other stands. “We’d been together for almost six years at that point, and we’d brought up the idea of someday,” tells Fidelis Tan, who just had her wedding at the start of 2024. “Because we were already talking about the future, I told my partner ahead of time that I was thinking of proposing to him.”

Fidelis says there are several questions to ask before you get engaged. “What sealed it for me was the feeling that we’re now in a much better place mentally, financially, and emotionally.”

Share your goals, fears, how you manage your money, whether you want children, family matters, etc. You might need several conversations to finally reach a mutual agreement, so ease into each topic.

Ask the Parents for Blessings 

Familial ties hold significant importance in Asian cultures, especially when it comes to major life events like marriage. As a sign of respect, Fidelis shares that she let her parents in on her big plan. They were surprised initially but gave her a boost of courage to set things in motion. “I also asked permission from [my partner’s] mom. I learned then how nerve-racking it could be to propose,” she adds.

Meeting with your future in-laws about a marriage proposal takes a lot of preparation. Put together a comfortable outfit, buy a gift basket, and write down what you want to say. Last but not least, don’t let bad breath break your reputation. Brush your teeth with closeup All Around Fresh Gel Toothpaste Soothing Menthol. It has zinc-antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride that blasts away odor-causing bacteria and with regular use.

Know Thy Partner

A marriage proposal is supposed to be personal. Being serenaded by a string quartet might be the epitome of romance for some people, but your soon-to-be fiancé might prefer something more private. The point is you have to think about what your boyfriend likes. Does he enjoy being the center of attention? What are his hobbies?

Author knows her now-husband Vince like the back of her hand, so she bought a Sony PlayStation 3 in place of a ring. “I knelt before him with a controller in my hands and asked him to marry me. Vince got all red in the face as he grabbed my hands and replied, ‘Of course, I’ll marry you.’” Sentimental? Yes! Romantic? Yes! One-of-a-kind? Double check!

Ignore the Debby Downers

When Frances broke the news of her engagement to their families, she got more questions than congratulations. Her friends, although very excited about the proposal, kept teasing Frances about her ringless finger. She says, “It was frustrating and exasperating that no one took us seriously because the woman proposed.”

A few weeks after Frances’ proposal to Vince, he popped the question with a customized ring. “A PlayStation for a diamond ring? Not a bad exchange,” she quips. At last, Frances has the bling she can show off whenever she shares her heartfelt proposal story.

But even if she didn’t receive a ring, she still thinks she made a very smart choice. “I decided he was truly special – special enough to be my husband. So, I proposed.”

Make It Special, But Personal

, a firstborn Leo, is never one to wait around. She started planning her marriage proposal once her relationship hit the second-year mark. A million thoughts were racing through her mind. “I was going for an expensive and luxurious proposal,” she recalls. “But then I decided to keep the proposal lowkey to save money for the engagement party and wedding.”

She proposed to her man at their favorite restaurant, and now, they’re always reminded of that sweet moment every time they dine there. Aww!

Whether you choose to go above and beyond or keep it simple for your proposal, remember that it’s your day, too. by treating yourself to a pamper day, which you can do at home. Use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair & Shine to make your hair . It also tames rebellious frizz and intensely hydrates dry locks. Take extra care of your skin with POND'S Bright Miracle Night Serum, and you will in all your engagement selfies.

It's the 21st century. Cars can now drive themselves, so why should women wait for a marriage proposal? If you and your significant other are both down to tie the knot, take the initiative and start your next chapter together.