A couple on a date as seen through a coffee shop window.

Valentine’s Day is coming and, with it, the pressure of having a kilig moment with someone you like. As a modern, independent woman, you know you have it in your power to make that moment happen, right? Take charge of your destiny this month by planning a romantic date your crush or loved one won’t soon forget. Here are some unique ideas that are undemanding and fun.

An Amusement Park

No, it’s not basic! An amusement park date has all the elements you need: rides to bring out your fun side, games to bring out your competitive side, #aesthetic backdrops, and uncomplicated food. Bonus points for your date if they can get it to close for the night so you two can have your Single’s Inferno moment on the carousel.

While Saving the Turtles

What better way to spend Love Month than by showing animals how much you care? Volunteering at a turtle conservation center (check out Alpas La Union – read: road trip!) and bring your date for a fun, educational, and sustainable Valentine’s Day. You could also try other animal-themed activities, such as walking your dogs together or birdwatching at an eco-park.

At a Tarot Card Reading

The more skeptical you are, the better! Book an appointment with your neighborhood astrologist or tarot card reader (try @practical_magical on Instagram) for an interesting yet romantic date. The activity will not only help you through their readings, but it will also give you an insight into how they act when confronted with the unknown.

At a Rally

Makibaka-nemen! Nothing brings people together than a good cause or shared frustration. Before you invite them, make sure they share your opinions and values. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a mansplaining contrarian in EDSA heat. Make the moment more romantic by making matching placards!

At a Record Store

You can tell a lot about a person by their taste in music. Meet up with your date at a record store (cool hangouts include Treskul in Mandaluyong and Grey Market in Katipunan) and peruse boxes of musty old albums together. Not sure if you’re on a date? Make your intentions clear by paying the DJ to play “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now" and casually saying, “I looove this song!” Sabay wink!

A Very Specific Museum

How do you feel about going to a preserved underground water reservoir for your date? Visit museums with specific displays like old tunnels, planets, butterflies, or old pocket gadgets from the ’80s. Learning together is a great and one of the foundations of a good partnership.

While Stuck in Traffic

Did you know Filipinos lose about 188 hours in Manila traffic every year? You can be more productive on rush hour with closeup’s Ride Closer campaign in partnership with JoyRide. It gives you a chance to go on a blind date while in transit!

Anyone 18 years old and above can register via , and participants will be pre-selected and pre-matched. On February 14, JoyRide will meet participating couples at pick-up points. Your romantic date begins once you step into the car, where there will be mini-games and, hopefully, fun conversations.

For an even better blind date, use closeup Red Hot Toothpaste with Antibacterial Zinc that blasts away 99.9% of bacteria, giving you all day AMA-ZINC fresh breath (based on a lab test, up to 12 hours, with regular use).

You only get an hour (two if the traffic is bad) to make an impression, so do it with confidence and make it count. Maybe if you hit it off, you can ask your driver to drop you off at one of the romantic date destinations above.