Asian woman receives a rose from date

Over the past couple of years, the rules of dating have changed. Not only do you have to navigate male visual cues and body language, but you also have to adapt to the complexities and nuances of internet language. Whether you’re or kicking it old school with a rendezvous IRL, here are some useful beauty-related tips to up your dating game in the “new normal.”

Say No to Getting a Facial

Seriously. Consider this a golden rule when it comes to preparing for any event. Have some EQ and resist the urge to get a facial or any kind of treatment. The idea of going out on a date inspires all sorts of makeover fantasies, including one where your skin changes overnight. TLDR: it won’t and never will. Avoid getting a facial treatment that can make your skin red and tender, and may result in peeling or darkening. If you want to get a facial, do it two weeks in advance to give your skin time to heal.

Say No to Wearing Something Out of Character

This is another side effect of the makeover fantasy. Attempting a dramatic style transformation a la Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada or Kourtney Kardashian since dating Travis Barker is a no-no on a first date. This type of experimentation could lead to regret and, in this age, photos that will haunt you forever. To up your dating game, you want to be as comfortable, confident, and pain-free as possible. If you don’t usually wear leather, big poufy skirts, or five-inch heels, a nerve-wracking first date might not be the best time to start.

Say Yes to Using a Fragrance That Lingers

Perfume has taken a back seat with masks, social distancing, and only going out for essential business. Dates, however, give you a free pass. Since you’re two responsible adults who will observe seating protocols, a soft and faint scent won’t cut it. Make your dating game unforgettable by choosing a fragrance with alluring sillage and long projection. The latter is how far your perfume pushes out into the air. 

Now is the time to whip out that favorite scent that you never wear because it always feels too “strong.” Spray sparingly on your wrists and rub it on other pulse points. Or, you can try “walking into a scent.” Just make sure you don’t inhale your perfume as it can make you feel sick or dizzy. 

Say Yes to Some Last-Minute Body Exfoliation

Don’t underestimate the smoothening and brightening power of exfoliation. The best part is, it’s safe to do it right before your date. After cleansing your skin, . Using small circular motions, gently exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter skin. After exfoliating, apply body oil or a brightening lotion while your skin is still damp to trap moisture in and highlight your brand-new glow.

Say No to Bacteria Breath, Say Yes to Love

This should go without saying, but everyone needs a reminder once in a while. Bad breath is a huge turnoff in the dating game and a non-negotiable to most people. Caused by odor-causing bacteria in the mouth, bad breath or . Brushing and flossing regularly (twice a day) stops bacteria growth, as does an antibacterial toothpaste for bad breath, like closeup Red hot Toothpaste. It has antibacterial zinc that helps fight bacteria breath and offer all-day freshness.

Pro tip: Did you know that your mask can double as your bad-breath checker? Inhale so you can check if your breath smells fresh or ripe. Masks – they save lives and dating lives. With closeup, you can say no to bacteria breath and yes to love!

Say Yes to Looking Like Yourself

This is tricky. If you met your date online, you’d probably want to look like your online profile. If you’re playing the long game, this means trying to make all your photos as true to life as possible. Minimal filters, no airbrush, and no liquify. However, the reality is that many women do use filters and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

Just try to look as much like yourself as possible when you go out with people in real life, especially ones you’re meeting for the first time. This doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your assets, just avoid doing anything extreme. For example, don’t wear hair extensions, theatrical falsies, or butt padding. You wouldn’t want to give the first impression that you can’t keep up. You are beautiful just as you are and the sooner people see this, the sooner they’ll love you for it.

Say Yes to Being Yourself

Looking like yourself goes hand in hand with being yourself. When you’re not wearing makeup or accessories that don’t go with your style or personality, you become more comfortable and honest in showing who you are. But it goes beyond physical, too. Being yourself also means laughing when you want to laugh, showing disgust when you’re disgusted, and not being shy about your awkwardness. Going on a date is all about getting to know another person and finding out things you have in common. That’s not going to happen, not really if you don’t show the real you.

Follow these beauty and beauty-adjacent tips to up your dating game especially in this time of mask-wearing and social distancing.