Asian woman in red plaid shirt holding sparkler in the outdoors.

So, you’re alone on New Year’s Eve. For whatever reason, you’re not celebrating it with your family or friends, and you’ve skipped the numerous countdown events happening around the city. It’s customary to ring in the New Year with a party, which is why many people drag themselves out of bed to join in the festivities.

However, there’s nothing wrong with spending New Year’s Eve alone – and it doesn’t make you sad or lonely. On the contrary, with everyone out and about, it might be the perfect time to schedule some . Here are some ways you can enjoy New Year’s Eve solo.

Pop the Champagne

Who says you can’t pop an entire bottle of champagne by yourself? You survived the year, maybe even accomplished a few things – having some bubbly is a well-deserved treat. Champagne best suits festive occasions, hence, it’s a mainstay at NYE celebrations. But even if this New Year’s Eve caters to a party of one, you can still have some fun! Invent a fun new way to drink champagne (such as your own drinking game) or explore unique food pairings.

Dance Like No One is Watching

You don’t need a partner to rule the dance floor – or your bedroom or living room, for that matter. The liberating thing about having a solo dance party is letting your hair down and letting go of inhibitions. The spontaneous body movements you do while dancing alone can help trigger a dopamine release, which makes you feel good! Plug in your playlist (don’t forget Robyn and Carly!) and dance the night away.

Light Some Candles and Treat Yourself to a Bubble Bath

More bubbles! Spending New Year’s Eve alone allows you to indulge in self-care, such as a warm to melt the past year’s stresses away. Take time to relax and revel in calm, quiet surroundings. If you’d like, you can also light some scented candles to set the mood. Want an extra special evening? Book a hotel room ahead of time for a .

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Hold a Binge-Watching Marathon

Have you been too busy to watch your favorite TV shows or movies? Or are you the type to rewatch an entire franchise as a holiday tradition? Now is your chance to catch up. Make it even more fun by setting a theme, like a Diane Keaton marathon. Twenty-twenty-two was the year of the , after all.

You can create some special snacks to gorge on while watching. If you’re a fiend in the kitchen, whip up your own treats or call a restaurant ahead to prepare and deliver a special meal just for you.

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Create a Vision Board for the Year Ahead

Create a vision board and turn your New Year’s resolutions into an arts-and-crafts project. Don’t be afraid to go old-school with a cork board, some stationery, stickers, ribbons, and cut-outs. Visualize what you want for the coming year and enshrine them on your board. Be 100% honest with yourself, and don’t worry about what anyone else might say. These are your goals – now go forth and manifest them into reality.

Who says a solo New Year’s Eve celebration must be lonely? Indulge in some me-time, embrace being alone, and feel empowered to celebrate solo.