Asian man with a dog

Pet parenting is not as difficult as you might think. It takes patience, sure, but more importantly, the desire to be the best caregiver for another being that will love you unconditionally. And if you have a stable job, can solve problems, and can look after someone other than yourself, you probably already have the basic life skills to become a good pet parent.

Many pet parents in the Philippines choose to have dogs and cats. These animals have been tamed over thousands of years to become domesticated. They can also be malambing to their pet parents, making them great fur babies or fur buddies. When you have them at home, be prepared to give them proper attention, love, and most importantly – especially for dogs – food!

Curious about how to be a good pet parent? We list the traits and life skills you need to have.

Respecting Others

When you have respect for others, you follow a set of boundaries and limits in your relationships. These rules keep you from crossing lines that may cause emotional distress to you and your loved ones. The same goes when caring for your pet. When your dogs or cats are eating or sleeping, don’t disturb them. Touch them gently and lovingly, as you would a human. Treat them as how you’d treat your best friend: with appreciation and a profound fondness.

Knowing Your Self-Worth

Having means you respect yourself. You don't treat yourself shabbily. You are proactive with and know that your peace of mind comes from loving yourself first. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. This life skill can help you become a good parent because when you’re happy, healthy, and satisfied, you can take better care of others – like your pet – and give them what they need.

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Being Disciplined

A schedule helps you be more organized in going about your daily tasks. And when you are this disciplined with yourself, you can be a good pet parent. You can teach your pet the right time to eat, where to pee and poop, and how to behave properly with other pets and other people. 

Having Patience

Patience is among the key life skills of a good pet parent. It doesn’t only mean having the ability to wait; it also defines your attitude while you wait. Being patient with your pets means not losing your cool when they make mistakes. Your dogs or cats might take time to learn not to scratch your furniture, but you’ll not be angry about it. Instead, you’ll stay firm and consistent in training them until they get the hang of it.

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Possessing Empathy

Empathy is defined as being able to put yourself in another’s shoes – including your pets’. You can feel what they are feeling, making you treat them more lovingly and with kindness. Therefore, having empathy does not only make you a better person but also helps you become a good pet parent.

Now, which of these life skills do you already have? Remember, being a good pet parent means treating your pets as you would like them to treat you. Show them kindness and love, and they will do the same in return.