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What is an alpha woman? She is typically seen as powerful, successful, and, perhaps, even intimidating. There’s no checklist to becoming one. However, a study in the National Library of Medicine’s National Center for Biotechnology Information, observed that alpha women registered higher on leadership, strength, and self-esteem compared to others.

The Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies corroborates this. It states that alpha females demonstrated better confidence and emotional intelligence, allowing them , especially in their careers.

Is this your ideal girl? Meeting her is easy but holding on to her is a different story. Here’s how you can impress – and continuously impress – her.

Lead the Way

Whether it’s where to eat dinner or which show to watch on Netflix, make the decisions. It may seem like she wants to be in control, but in truth, she needs a man who knows what he wants and can keep up with her. The alpha woman wants to admire somebody and needs to know her partner has the capacity to be her equal at the same time.

Respect Her

An alpha woman doesn’t spend time analyzing you and your behavior. She doesn’t have the time or the energy because . Don’t come in with excuses. She can smell them a mile away. Plus, your inconsistent behavior will put her off. Reciprocate her efforts and be open to feedback. Respect her. You will be aptly rewarded.

Stand Your Ground

There’s nothing more appealing to an alpha female personality than a person who can stand up for what they believe is the right. A strong-willed man who stands his ground and can equal her tenacity will turn her on. Be strong and but remain open to conversation. An alpha female personality is attracted to intelligence so make sure you’ve done your research before talking.

Teach Her Something New

The alpha female is nothing if not inherently curious. The fact that she’s learning something new, even if it isn’t extremely interesting to others, is a big turn-on for her. Show her how to do something she’s never done before, or share an interest she knows nothing about, and you’ll have her hooked.

Admire Her

Have a genuine interest and admiration for her goals, talents, and dreams. An alpha female likes partners who honor the qualities that make her unique and special. Flattery will get you nowhere – when you show your admiration. Return her admiration for you and she will open her heart and show you who she is.

Set Healthy Boundaries

When she says no, she means it. Adhere to her standards just as she respects yours. According to the Journal of Leadership Education, an alpha woman believes “that males and females are equal . . . and she feels driven . . . [and] extroverted in social situations.” To her, you are on equal footing, and your relationship boundaries should reflect it.

At the end of the day, the alpha woman is looking for both an equal and somebody she can admire. Keep her tantalized all day and night with AXE Deo Body spray Dark Temptation. She’ll love you all the more for it.