Man spraying deodorant on his body

Using a deodorant prevents foul odor caused by a combination of bacteria and sweat, plus reduces sweating that can cause embarrassing discoloration on clothes. And it’s part of a good personal care regimen.

These days, however, deodorants come in many forms, such as liquid roll-on, stick-type waxes, liquid sprays, and an array of fragrances and formulations. All these choices can be an overwhelming sight at the personal care aisle. The battle of spray versus roll-on versus stick-types is real! So, how does one go about choosing the best deodorant for men? Simply put, it boils down to a matter of preference, lifestyle, and need.

Here are the different types of deodorants you may want to consider:

Sprays Go on Clear and Without Residue

Spray-based deodorants are perfect for guys on-the-go. The spray is formulated to dry instantly, so you can immediately go about your day. Gents need not worry about annoying white residue or hair clumping either, making spray deodorants an easy win for men. Dove Men Deodorant Spray Invisible Dry has all the benefits of a spray. It has no residue and is non-sticky, but – unlike many other spray-types – it is 100% alcohol-free. It provides 48 hours of sweat protection and is formulated with one-fourth moisturizer to strengthen skin against irritation. 

Roll-ons Dispense Evenly

Roll-on deodorants are the most common and traditional of the lot. A rollerball is used to apply a thin layer of the formula on the skin, so you are in full control of how much product is dispensed. Most roll-on deodorants apply liquid or gel-based solutions smoothly, so you get an even layer without hair clumping.

Stick-based Deodorants Go on Dry

Stick deodorants are made of active ingredients blended with waxes and oils to prevent sweat and odor. They go on dry, and there’s no sticky feeling upon contact. Although, white residue on your shirt is easily one of the biggest downfalls of stick deodorants. Soft and solid stick deodorants are popular because they feel dry on the skin. Gel-based stick deodorants are often clear, which means they don’t leave white residue on your shirt. 

The Best Deodorant for Men

It’s all about finding the right product type based on your personal needs. With many products to choose from, we’ve narrowed down your options to the top men's deodorants in the market today:

Go gentle on your pits with Dove Men+Care.

Regardless of preference, it’s all about finding the right product type based on your personal needs.

Dove’s line of personal care products for men is formulated with every man’s needs in mind. Gents, you’re spoiled for choice as Dove offers its men's deodorant and antiperspirants in spray, roll-on, and stick variants.

With its unique triple-action moisturizer that’s engineered to keep your skin feeling comfortable, its formula also guarantees protection from sweat and body odor for up to 48 hours. Whether it’s for your pre or post-workout, Dove’s products might be a suitable choice for you.

Fact: It contains an alcohol- or ethanol-free formula, which means it’s perfectly suitable for men with sensitive skin types.

Move with confidence with Rexona Motion Sense Quantum Dry. 

With 48-hour protection and a fresh, woody scent to go with it, Rexona rightfully seals its place as one of the top deodorants for men.

Here’s another product you might want to keep in your gym bag 24/7. 

Rexona Motion Sense Quantum Dry comes in spray, roll-on, and stick variants to adapt to your individual preference. What sets it apart from its fellow top contenders is its MotionSense technology, which activates with movement, so this is the right choice for all our gym buffs who worry about sweat and armpit smell. With 48-hour protection that targets the cause of body odor and a fresh, woody scent to go with it, Rexona rightfully seals its place as one of the top deodorants for men.

Before you get overwhelmed with the plethora of options out there, just keep it simple. It’s all about selecting grooming products that will keep you feeling comfortable and fresh. Feel confident and protected whether you are working on your dream body, powering through work, enjoying a romantic date by selecting the best deodorant for men that will work best for you.