Confident young Asian man at the office.

If there were a recipe for crafting a self-assured man, it would involve blending Don Draper's charm, 007's determination, and Tony Stark's tenacity. Although there's no magical elixir for developing these qualities instantly, there are certain body language techniques that project an air of competence. Confidence is a skill that can be developed through diligent practice.

Here, we’ll share tips on effective communication and projecting an authoritative demeanor, relying solely on non-verbal cues.

Upright Posture

Your stance says a lot about your emotions. Feeling anxious can involuntarily cause you to hunch your shoulders. So, when nerves start creeping in, fix your posture. Start by envisioning an imaginary string attached to the crown of your head, gently pulling you upwards.

Feel your spine lengthen as you align your shoulders with your hips, making you feel strong, sturdy, and balanced. Remember, a self-assured man stands tall, physically and against life’s challenges.

When seated, relax your knees and lean back. Face the person you are talking to and mirror their gestures now and then. You want your body to convey, "I'm 100% hearing this," and not, "I can't wait to leave." It will feel more natural with practice, and projecting a powerful image to those around you.

Steady Eye Contact

Introvert or extrovert, maintaining eye contact is non-negotiable. It helps you assert your presence and keep the conversation flowing nicely. More than that, it's a tool for reading the other person’s facial expressions. Are they engaged or bored? If you're talking to a crush, occasionally can even increase your chances of securing a .

The art of eye contact doesn't stop at simply staring intently into someone's eyeballs. Blink naturally and alternate between looking at the other person's eyes, forehead, nose, and entire face.

Here's another important tip: always maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your face with POND'S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge to keep oil at bay and make you appear less haggard. It's infused with to brighten your skin and control oil for up to eight hours. You'll feel more confident to meet anyone's gaze with a fresh face.

Hand Gestures

What do you do with your hands after a handshake? It’s good to always keep your hands visible. Move them around when talking and gesture with your palms up to show you're being honest and open to cooperating.

Change it up a few times by bringing your fingertips together (hand steepling) or interlacing your fingers while raising your thumbs. Doing this helps drive your point home, clear your thoughts, and speak more eloquently without any uhms or uhs. 

Slow and Deliberate Movements

A self-assured man is never in a rush. He has complete control over his time and space, which he shows in his movements. For example, if you're searching for a trash bin, take long, slow steps while observing the room without moving your head frantically. This way, you can plan your next move and look like someone who knows what he's doing, even though you're just as confused as anybody.

If you catch yourself nervously bouncing your legs and drumming your fingers, take a few deep breaths and relax your muscles. can also help you become more composed. Keep your scalp itch-free with Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo. The menthol and caffeine infusion clears excess oil, curbs dandruff, and strengthens the hair roots. No more goofy head scratching!

Controlled Expressions

While you want to be expressive, you can’t overdo it, or you’ll risk looking like a phony. Practice your neutral face in the mirror. If it makes you appear disinterested, try opening your lips slightly apart. Next, follow these tips on controlling facial expressions to reflect the four core emotions. These may come in helpful if you tend to have a very transparent face or if you tend to overdo it. That said, don’t forget to be yourself and most of all, be sincere.

  • To show happiness, a simple smile should suffice.
  • To show empathy, slant your inner eyebrows and faintly tilt the sides of your lips downwards.
  • To show shock or confusion, raise your eyebrows.
  • To show disappointment, lower and knit your eyebrows together.

People are not born self-assured. It grows with practice, interaction, and self-awareness of your value. It’s not about being the loudest or taking up the most space. It’s knowing who you are and what you bring to the table, and expressing this through confident body language that anyone can master.