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Shaving with electric razors is one of the quickest ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Electric razors are a popular form of dry shaving, thanks to their convenience. They can significantly cut shaving time and minimize nicks and cuts. Read on for more tips to get your best shave from this handy gadget.

Trim Your Beard for a Dry Shave

Dry shaving is the default method for electric razors. The term means you’re not using water or products to prep for the process. Make sure your hair is not too long for this type of shaving to work effectively. Stubble-length is ideal. Too much length can cause the shaver to yank at the hair and lead to skin bumps. Trim your before shaving if it’s too long.

Surprise! Go Against the Grain

You’ve probably heard all your life that ; this isn’t true for electric razors. Going with the grain won’t pick up as much hair, so going against it is recommended. Use a circular motion for a more efficient shave and to reduce irritation. Avoid applying too much pressure on your skin, since this doesn’t only lead to bumps, it can also cause lacerations!

Prep Your Skin for a Wet Shave

You could also go for a wet shave with electric razors. Before doing so, wash your face with warm water (not hot!) to soften the hair and get rid of excess oil. You could apply baby powder like an OG barber if you like; if not, regular pre-shave products will do. Remember to go against the grain and apply light pressure to prevent skin problems and accidents.

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Clean and Charge Regularly

Battery-powered devices need to be charged regularly for optimum performance. Avoid using electric shavers at low battery since this affects how the motor works, leading to a less efficient shave. This may prompt you to go over the same area repeatedly, which can irritate the skin. Use the charger! You paid for it, too.

Finally, clean your electric razors regularly to get rid of bacteria and any stuck hairs. If you have a waterproof shaver, wash it thoroughly. If not, make sure to give your shaver a good wiping down with a sanitized piece of cloth. This will keep your device efficient and prolong its shelf life.

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