Smiling Asian man climbing out of pool.

Not to start on a gloomy note, but did you know only about 50% of Filipinos over 15 can swim unassisted? Yes, even though the country is surrounded by water and prone to floods. For most Pinoys, “swimming” means holidaying by water – which usually entails splashing around and wading. It’s a shame. This activity is not only lifesaving but also good for you. Dive into the health benefits of swimming with this article, and you may just find yourself booking a trip to the pool.

Swimming Is a Full Body Workout 

Swimming may not make you John Cena swole, but it does offer a full-body workout that leads to amazing physical results. Doing proper laps featuring any of the basic strokes exercises your major muscle groups, engaging not only your arms and legs but also your core and upper back.

Swimming Requires Little Recovery Time

Are you a workout addict? Then you would do well to add swimming to your routine. It’s a that keeps your heart rate up and challenges your muscles without burning them out – meaning you can swim as much and wake up sans the you would expect with long-distance running or plyometrics.

Many fitness experts and physical therapists recommend it as a terrific way to spend your recovery time between more intense activities. A study in the even reports improved performance in runners after a recovery swim.

Swimming Is Inclusive 

Unlike gymnastics where you have to start younger, swimming has no age limit. You can learn and master it . Because swimming is easy on the joints, it’s also an ideal workout for those with mobility issues or other physical limitations. Moreover, it .

Swimming Strengthens Your Lungs 

reveal that a swimmer’s lungs are superior even to football players. Unlike most other sports that allow you to gasp for air any time you want, swimming requires you to set your breathing at a regular pace. This process trains your lungs to be more economical.

Medical practitioners also prescribe swimming to those afflicted with asthma since it helps .

Swimming Reduces Stress

Like most exercises, swimming stimulates your brain's production of happy hormones, endorphins, and serotonin. Besides, a shows that wild or open-water swimming improves well-being and reduces mental distress. The combination of a scenic swimming spot and exercise creates a more positive mood. Other research also links cold-water swimming as a means to combat depression.

Swimming Improves Your Skill-Related Fitness 

The repetitive and simultaneous movements required in swimming can enhance your hand, eye, and leg coordination. Swimming through strong currents and doing tumble turns at the end of the pool can also boost your agility. Moreover, since the sport strengthens your core and straightens your spine, you also improve your balance in the process.

Swimming Makes You More Goal-Oriented 

While the more obvious health benefits of swimming involve your physique, swimming skills are useful outside the water, too. As with other , swimming toughens up your mental stamina. The various goal-oriented activities that come with sports, from learning to use a kickboard to beating your personal best, encourage determination and an achievement mindset.

Swimming Slows Down the Aging Process 

Combining the numerous health benefits of swimming can help delay the . You don’t have to swim like Michael Phelps to enjoy perks like reduced blood pressure, improved muscle mass, and an enhanced cardiovascular system. University of South Carolina researchers who studied 40,000 swimmers for 32 years state that those who swam had a 50% lower death rate.

Swimming is great, all right, but spending extended periods in water does have some consequences. For example, it can dry out your hair and skin – the latter effect may even aggravate acne due to your oil glands overcompensating for the lack of moisture.

After taking a dip, don’t forget to wash up with Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo. This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner washes away the pool gunk while nourishing your hair. Clean your face with Master All-Day Active Clay Wash Acne Fight, which has active charcoal to eliminate 99% of germs. It controls oil, evens your skin tone, and helps reduce stubborn zits. Remember to moisturize after!

The health benefits of swimming are a dime a dozen. If you're taking a break from weight-lifting or simply looking for a new workout, then give it a shot. It's painless!