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In a recent survey conducted by a group at Griffith University in Australia, it was discovered that women are attracted to men based on three things: how physically strong he looks, how tall he is, and how lean he is. Now, whether you enjoy lifting weights to build muscle, are crazy for cardio to lose the extra pounds, or just looking to shed your growing beer belly with core exercises, having a body you feel confident in entails an effective workout plan you can stick to.

To better understand how you can stay active even while at home, we sat down with JM Miranda — a fitness coach since 2011 who has previously worked in Gold’s Gym and UFC Gym Philippines. He founded MIRANDActive in May 2020 when gym operations in the country were put on hold due to the community quarantine. His main goal is to help people stay as fit as they can be even amidst the lockdown.

To do this, he coaches clients online and posts workout plans on his social media platforms — making it accessible even to those who can’t hire a personal trainer just yet.

A Personal Fitness Program

We all have unique body types, and what works for you might not necessarily work for your best friend. “For me, a fitness program or workout plan should be personal,” shares Coach JM. “Be open to trying different exercises until you find something you like and can be consistent with.”

“I was never a fan of going to the gym,” says Jaime, a project manager. “I find it so boring. So instead of hitting the gym, I play sports.” Jaime plays a variety of sports, including basketball and ultimate frisbee. Since the quarantine has put restrictions on these types of contact sports, and started playing tennis in his village. “I’m able to still get my cardio while having fun.”

Brothers, Mario and Matthew, have started working out at home together and using the time to bond. While Mario is on the heavier side, Matthew is lean and hopes to build more muscle. “My brother, Mario, uses our dad’s treadmill and brisk walks for at least 30 minutes a day. I don’t do that much cardio since I want to gain more muscle. I lift weights and do a lot of bodyweight exercises.”

Tracking Your Progress

Just like how workout plans differ from one person to another, the same goes with progress. “I track my clients’ progress in multiple ways since progress is not the same for everyone. It can’t always be measured by the numbers on the weighing scale.”

“One way I track their fitness is by getting their photos before they start their program and after every phase — which is usually every four weeks. This way, they can check the difference physically when they see the photos side by side. I always remind them that losing inches is better than losing weight.”

“Another way I monitor their progress is asking my clients to do a timed workout at the beginning of the program, then do the same workout after four weeks to see if they improved in terms of strength and endurance.”

Tracking your progress by doing the same thing can help keep you motivated and allow you to consistently follow your workout plan every day. Be sure to take photos from different angles to see the difference!

What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Rut

The hardest part about starting a workout plan is the beginning. “It’s always hard to get inspired and motivated to do a workout. This is where discipline comes in,” says Coach JM.

“Look for a goal and find something that you like and enjoy doing.”

“I want to feel stronger and be able to fit into my jeans again,” shares Mario. “I gained a lot at the beginning of the pandemic. Every night, I’d go downstairs to our refrigerator and prepare unhealthy midnight snacks. I guess this is my way of getting my life back together.”

“My goal isn’t to lose weight or inches off,” says Jaime. “Ultimately, I just want to be healthier for my wife, and so I can become a dad this year.”

Whenever you work out, don’t forget to stay by using Rexona Men Ice Cool Roll-on, which keeps you cool and lasts for up to 48 hours. Always circle back to your main objective, too. Are you starting a workout plan to burn more calories, relieve stress, feel healthier, or look more attractive? With these in mind, it can become effective and much easier to commit to.