Filipino actor James Reid on a motorcycle

You want to have it all: a good partner, smarts, , and a good sense of fashion. Yet, you may still get confused about how to put it all together. Why not make life a little easier and channel A-list celebrities?

Here we give you the lowdown on how to look and feel like celebrities from the Philippines and other countries. Do you have artista tastes with an average Joe budget? Never fear, man. Looking good doesn’t have to cost too much.

Play with Layers and Proportions

Famous actor Hyun Bin is known for his impeccable sense of style. His streamlined and elegant looks make him an inspiration to many who want to .

A budget-friendly way to channel Hyun Bin’s fashion sense is to play with layers and proportions. The bonus is that you can repeat your clothes as often as you want; just mix them up. One day, wear a turtleneck layered with a long-sleeved polo shirt. Next, wear a T-shirt and a short-sleeved polo shirt unbuttoned over jeans.

How to look expensive, especially at work? Your blazer’s proportions can be than your actual body size. Layer it with a plain-colored t-shirt and get ready to go from work to the bar. It’s chic but easy on the wallet.

Make Your Outfit Match

Keeping the same color from head to foot is one way to look like an a-list celebrity. Look as attractive as one of the hottest Filipino A-list celebrities Jericho Rosales when you dress monochromatically. For example, match a khaki suit jacket with khaki pants. Don’t spend too much money on various clothes and colors to keep everything affordable. 

Add a handkerchief to the breast pocket of your suit jacket. It will also have that added touch of casualness, so you won’t look too serious. Use Master Deep Cleanser Active Brightening on your face to keep the shine off and look fresh all day.

Play It Up With Prints

There’s nothing that A-list celebrities like more than mixing things up. Actor Timothee Chalamet even matches prints with patterns. Actor Piolo Pascual has been known to wear bright prints – and come out looking more handsome. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild sometimes to look like your favorite actor. 

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Wear a Statement Accessory

A pair of sunglasses can go a long way while staying within economic limitations. It can add dimension to the simplest of outfits or pare down the look of purposely mismatched prints and patterns. Actor Daniel Padilla like to wear theirs even when wearing just a simple white shirt.

And who could forget Tom Cruise with his aviators in Top Gun? A pair of shades is an accessory that can make or break any outfit. Experiment with the right frames for your type of face shape. Look cool with your specs and stay fresh with AXE Deo Ice Chill Body Spray.

There are many other budget-friendly ways to dress A-list celebrities. Search your idols’ Instagram accounts to get some ideas, but it's always best to stay true to your own style.