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Anyone who went to elementary school in the Philippines knows that hygiene is at the core of . Years of taking up GMRC, bringing shoebox hygiene kits to school, and hearing that “cleanliness is next to godliness” ingrained the importance of personal hygiene in your mind. How relates to having a Good Morning towel and baby powder at your desk, however, wasn’t discussed as much.

While the importance of personal hygiene has much to do with your , it also affects your psychological and social well-being. Here’s why. 

What Is Self-Esteem?

A 2018 study in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Pharmacy defines self-esteem as “reverence for self.” Simply put, self-esteem is how you see yourself. It’s a personal appraisal of your worth and value.

According to Harvard Health, however, while you are responsible for building your self-esteem, the basis for it typically develops from how others see and appreciate you. Self-esteem is also closely linked to body image, which also may or may not form from other people’s opinions of your physique. Having positive self-esteem leads to , , and self-confidence.

Boost Self-Esteem with Personal Hygiene

In 2015, the International Journal of Cosmetic Science published a study that demonstrates how one’s attitude towards their self-esteem can depend on the circumstance. However, it can be bolstered by performing everyday grooming routines. According to the conclusion, good hygiene has psychological benefits for males and females, beyond obvious sanitation.

It shows you care for yourself. 

Many people use their , no matter how simple they are, as their me-time.  doesn’t have to be complicated. Allotting a few more seconds to floss and take a swig of mouthwash shows that you’re taking extra measures to appreciate yourself. After all, you can choose not to do these things. Caring for your .

It makes you more confident in social situations.

Your self-esteem should stem from you and you alone, but that’s always easier said than done. You live, work, and interact with other people, after all. There’s social importance to personal hygiene, too.

Use good hygiene as your shield. For example, if you’re prone to dandruff,  with a powerful anti-dandruff shampoo. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men  is infused with and citrus peel to deep-clean your and keep your head feeling fresh and healthy.

Another tip? Plug up those sweat glands with an antiperspirant. Try Rexona Men Natural Fresh Lime Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On. Since it’s also a deodorant, you will feel cool and breezy even in the sweatiest situations thanks to the lime and charcoal in its formulation. It also has essential oils to help you smell great all day long. 

Did you know a 2017 U.S. survey reveals that 23% of employers prefer not to hire jobseekers who have bad breath and unkempt appearance? Increase your chances of nailing that job with closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste. This tooth and gum toothpaste has zinc antibacterial mouthwash to give your mouth a top-to-bottom clean. It also has silica and fluoride to fight off plaque and cavities.

When you’re assured that you won’t be snowing on your shoulders, unleashing jabar, or making people uncomfortable with your janky breath, you can let loose and be yourself more. 

It shows you respect others.

Throughout history, proper hygiene has proven to be effective in mitigating the spread of diseases. For example, regularly washing your hands may prevent you from infecting your girlfriend or your child with some kind of illness. Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash Total 10 is formulated with Activ Silver+ that quickly eliminates germs. Go ahead, hold hands without fear. 

We can’t emphasize the importance of personal hygiene enough. They’re easy things to do, but they make a huge difference to your physical and psychological health. Go ahead: brush your teeth, wash your hands, jump in the shower. Take care of yourself and watch your self-esteem improve.