Young Filipino man sitting at desk with laptop, writing notes.

Are you a first jobber? As you adjust to working life, it may seem like your college degree has prepared you for everything and nothing at once. After all, while school built up your technical skills, it doesn’t quite teach you the life lessons only experience can.

Your first job will always be memorable. You get real-world experience, earn benefits and a regular income, and finally get a chance to do some true “adulting.” But more than that, work pulls you out of your parents' safety net and shows you crucial life lessons that could be your building blocks to success. 

Your career will flourish when you open yourself up to learning and growing from these lessons. While work may seem challenging now, you should trust that this time is crucial and pivotal for your professional and personal development.

While you can read all about famous people’s experiences or talk to your boss or mentor about their stories of , ultimately, the most effective life lessons are the ones you go through yourself. No matter what stage of your career you are in, personal triumphs and challenges will help you grow and become an even better person.

Staying the Same Is Not a Good Thing

Being in your comfort zone can be so tempting. Stagnation happens when you’ve already mastered a task to the point that you can do it in your sleep. It’s safe, but not exactly groundbreaking. People who choose to challenge themselves at work have more chances to fail, sure, but they also have more opportunities to succeed. If you settle, you stay in the same place, not going anywhere.

Be cautious about staying within your boundaries all the time. You did that in college! Now’s the time to break free. Your first job is the perfect time to explore and experiment and be outside the box. You should always strive to learn and improve yourself as a person.

You’re Allowed to Change Your Mind

Some people have known what they’ve wanted to do all their lives. Others don’t have it all together but are open to trying new things. Meanwhile, some are in a gray area – confident today but uncertain about the next. But that’s the beauty of being young and fresh out of university. You’re allowed to be in the in-between.

Being exposed to the real world can shake up your entire life plan. You’re introduced to new things; you discover new likes. Your first job can help you get to know yourself better as well as point you to where you should go in the future. It might be scary If you suddenly find yourself pursuing a new path but remember that you’re just at the beginning of a long, winding road.

Skills Take Time

So now you find yourself in a new space. You may not be the best right away but cut yourself some slack. You develop humility and grit when you start from square one. You can also shift your perspective. If you believe that training is a continuous process, then you’ll feel more confident knowing that no one is truly a master.

Use your first job to identify areas in which you want to excel. Then, cultivate it – attend workshops, seminars, and masterclasses. Perhaps you can also take in a mentor. Building expertise takes time so don’t get frustrated. Find pride and joy in your work as that will set you apart from the rest.

When you know where your passion and strengths lie, you formulate a more concrete vision for your career.

Failure Is Part of the Process

As you strive to reach milestones in your professional journey, you’re surely going to be hitting speed bumps. You’re not perfect, and no one expects you to be. Not every decision you make will be the right one. But the good news is that with every failure comes opportunity.

When you’re starting early in your career, you have an “allowance” to make as many mistakes as you can. Fail – but fail quickly. When you do so, you also learn from these life lessons faster and . It is how you discover what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t let fear of failure and making mistakes hold you back. When you’re too afraid to fail, you end up not taking risks or doing anything at all, and that leads you to be stuck, with little to zero chances of growth. Meanwhile, those who are a little braver may stumble, but they’re always headed somewhere. Eventually, these risks will start paying off.

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Consider everything in your career a learning experience. Take these life lessons from work to heart, don’t take any situation for granted, and use them to reach even greater heights in your professional journey.