Asian man and woman looking lovingly at each other.

Filipinos are nurturing and caring people, more so when it comes to their partners. Compared to Western men, the love languages of Pinoy guys are very different. They go out of their way to make their loved ones feel comfortable, assured, and special.

The best-selling book, The 5 Love Languages, written by American author Gary Chapman, lists love languages as the following: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and gifts. These are the different ways people express their affection for others, and it doesn’t even have to be the romantic kind. Unsure what yours are? Read on.

Love Language #1: Suyo or To Woo

is a traditional Filipino man’s way of wooing a woman. In the olden days, this meant doing manual labor at her parents' farm or working on repairs around the house. At night, he would stand outside his beloved’s window and serenade her with a harana.

The modern gentleman, however, has other ways to grab women’s attention. Usually, it involves repeated, . Such acts can be as simple as opening doors, carrying her bag, complimenting her, making her feel special, and so on. The key to success is being consistent and following through on plans. These are a few of the simple things that women actually value.

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Love Language #2: Regalo or Gifts

Giving gifts or a regalo is one of the most common love languages of Pinoys. It doesn't have to be extravagant. Sometimes something as simple as flowers can mean the world to a woman. But if you want to give her something special, choose items based on her interests, such as merch from their favorite TV shows or bands, or her favorite chocolates. The gesture not only shows you care but that you also listen. Women appreciate that, which is why it works.

Love Language #3: Haplos or Touch

Physical touch is one of the major love languages all over the world. However, in the Philippines, PDA is reserved for couples – not two people getting to know each other. Many are not too comfortable with physical affection, which could easily be misinterpreted.

Still, the occasional haplos or touching can induce what we call , or that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach. A simple pat on the back, caressing the cheek, tucking a strand of hair, or touching their arm or shoulder can make an impression when done right. Just make sure to keep it respectful and ask for consent.

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Express Your Love Language

People have different ways of expressing and accepting love. Some like to say "I like you," while others believe actions speak louder than words. There are many ways you can show your affection for your significant other. Which of these love languages sounds a lot like yours?