Asian man being playful while cleaning the house with a vacuum.

If you’re looking for a way to start a year right, then how about doing some tidying? Specifically, you can start by cleaning the house. 

Hear us out: a clean home can do wonders for your mind and health. Even organizing can be a mindfulness technique that keeps stress at bay. The sight of a neat, well-kept space can help put your mind at ease and allow you to unwind better after a draining day.

Why Cleaning the House Is So Therapeutic: The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the house can make way for happier and more productive thoughts. Here are some of the therapeutic perks of spring cleaning.

It boosts your focus.

A messy, cluttered, or dirty home can limit your brain’s ability to process information. Disorder sends various messages to your brain, while people with an organized work area have been proven to be less irritable and more productive.

A 2011 study published in says the brain processes chaos and debris as a distraction, so you feel compelled to do something about it. Notice how your focus and concentration improve when you start living in a more methodical environment.

You can space out decluttering throughout the week if you can’t devote an entire day to cleaning. Dedicating a few minutes to organizing stuff and clearing out non-essential items makes it easier for you to concentrate and complete your work.

It puts you in a good mood.

Studies have also linked mess to higher , disorientation, and even depression.

Another reason to tidy up? It keeps your place spic and span, sure. But a clean house also apparently reduces anxiety. The physical act of cleaning, along with its pristine result, can help , nervousness, and other depressive symptoms. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, cleaning can also reduce fatigue.

Clean sheets have also been associated with achieving a better night’s rest, which always puts you in a good mood.

It gets you moving.

Need a workout but got no time to hit the gym? Cleaning gets you moving and gives you the same endorphins you get after a gym session.

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Cleaning can be meditative.

Need an activity to refresh your mind? Take cues from the Japanese and clean as a . Zen Buddhist teachings consider cleaning as the art of cultivating the mind, helping you achieve a state of mindfulness. Plus, you benefit from having a space that’s spic and span too.

It can help you walk down memory lane.

In case you want to partake in some good old nostalgia, cleaning your house is one way to do it. Rummaging through old things and keepsakes can be a trip down memory lane, especially when sorting your keep-and-throw pile.

Cleaning the house doesn’t have to feel like a chore. With its therapeutic benefits, you can get moving and ready for the rest of the year!