A portrait of man with flat top haircut

So you’ve decided to get the flat-top haircut. Maybe you were inspired by Ivan Drago’s razor-sharp look in Rocky IV, or are simply eager for a style switch-up. Whatever the reason, the flat-top is a bold haircut that’s not for the faint-hearted.

The flat top debuted in the 1950s and was the epitome of cool during the era. Athletes, politicians, and military figures alike donned the look of neatly trimmed sides and a prominent boxy surface. Modern variations range from the military flat top haircut to the scumpadour (a quiff, , and flat top crossover).

To pull off the flat-top haircut, here’s what to tell your barber and how to style it at home.

Define the Top

Your barber will ask how long you’d like the top to be. The typical length is around three to five centimeters. Go shorter if you want a more streamlined appearance. Leave it longer for more freedom to create bolder looks.

Your hair texture and thickness also play a big part in this decision. For finer strands, make sure the top is not too long to prevent your hair from drooping under its weight. , on the other hand, can maintain volume and structure better at any length.

Ask for a Fade

Unless you’re setting sights on the flat top haircut with fenders (which has that rockabilly feel), a fade can be the difference between drab and bang-up style. The tricky part is deciding what suits your face. Choose from three types:

  • High fade starts close to the top of your head and generally works best on a rounded face. It removes any bulkiness and gives off a rebellious vibe.
  • Low fade is the best bet for oblong faces or those who wish to hide their flat heads. The blending – or gradual change in hair length – begins closer to the ear, creating a softer contrast.
  • Mid fade is your golden ticket if you still can’t choose.

Square Off the Edges

One important step in your flat-top haircut is cleaning up the sides and back of the head. This involves meticulously shaping the corners to make them more angular. Using clippers and a comb, your barber trims uneven hair, ensuring a uniform and polished silhouette. He can also personalize the haircut with cool line designs for an edgier hairdo.

Shape Your Flat Top Haircut

Once you’re happy with your new cut, styling comes next. You’ll need a blow dryer, a round brush, and a tub of .

After showering, blow dry your hair while brushing it upwards. This helps coax the strands into the desired shape and tame stubborn flyaways. Set the style with a light-hold styling product, and you’re all set.

FYI, if you don’t properly remove these can build up on the scalp and trigger dandruff. Try CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men to wash away sweat, grime, and any debris. It’s formulated with taurine and Triple Anti-Dandruff technology that nourishes the scalp to for good. As a bonus, the menthol leaves a minty-fresh sensation.

Flat top haircut may be older than other trendy ‘dos like the faux mohawk and . But with these styling tips, anyone can make it a knockout look. So, take the leap and hit up your go-to barbershop.