Man getting his hair cut at the barbershop.

TikTok never runs out of trends. Half of them are cringefests you never want to see again. But admittedly, some look cool enough to try, like the Edgar cut. It’s a new fad for men that features a high fade and blunt fringe across the forehead, resembling a bowl cut.

The origin story of this Gen-Z haircut is unlike any other, though. Back in the 1500s, the men of Jumano, a Native American tribe, wore their hair in a sleek straight line across their forehead. The style influenced the Mexican-American culture and has been popular among Latino and Hispanic teenage boys for some time now.

Why Is It Called Edgar Cut?

The name itself was inspired by Edgar Martinez, a Major League Baseball legend who had never had this hairstyle before. An image of his face was (yes, literally) on a young boy’s head, and the video instantly became a meme. What started as a joke became the most requested haircut at barbershops everywhere.

How do you rock the Edgar cut to suit your hair texture? If you want to jump on the trend without looking basic, here are some styles you can show your barber.

The Fluffy Edgar Cut

Adding serious texture at the top makes your new ‘do look less like a helmet. To achieve the style, to do a layered cut at the crown but leave the fringe smooth and straight. Finish with faded sides and back.

The fluffy style is ideal for men with round-shaped faces because the hair is kept relatively long at the top, which elongates facial lines. It’s also very . All you have to do is use a styling powder to texturize and add shape. But if your hair is naturally wavy, you can just wake up and go. Another plus? The ladies dig this kind of rugged, .

The OG Edgar with V-Shaped Drop Fade

If you want to stand out in your Edgar cut, try this version. The front part is a classic Edgar cut a few inches below the hairline, similar to the Caesar cut. But what makes it a game-changer is the V-shaped drop fade. The gradual fade on the sides follows the curvature of your ear, giving you a more angular and defined face shape.

It’s also a suitable cut for men with fine hair. The fade gives the appearance of fuller hair around the crown and back without help from styling products.

Since this hairstyle exposes much of your scalp, don’t let dandruff ruin the vibe. Confidently show off your new hairdo by using  Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It gets rid of grime, dirt, and flakes. Plus, the menthol leaves a cooling sensation that keeps your scalp feeling fresh all day.

The Long Edgar Style

Mask your with the longer version of the Edgar cut, a popular Filipino hairstyle. Think of it as a mix between the French crop and the . For this style, the crown is cut short to keep the shape clean and bouncy but not too choppy. Layering is also very minimal to make the hair look thicker.

Meanwhile, the fringe is left longer until it covers around 75% of your forehead. It gives you the freedom to style your bangs any way you want. If you have a rushed morning, leave it as is for a youthful look. Or you can use to create short spikes at the crown when feeling sporty.

Short Edgar Cut With Tapered Sides

Looking for something more business-appropriate? A short Edgar cut is a safe choice if you don’t want to take a huge leap from a long to a short hairstyle. The blunt line of the fringe extends across the whole head, creating a clean and crisp look. Meanwhile, the smooth and tapered sides soften the sharp angles of the Edgar and make it less dramatic.

This haircut suits all types of hair, from straight to curly. It’s so short that you don’t have to style it every day, only when you feel like it. You’ll have more time for your before work.

Anyone can pull off the Edgar cut. Play around with textures, layers, and length until you find the style that suits you best. Who knows, you might find your new signature look.