Kirst Viray with shoulder-length hair, black sunnies, and hat.

If there's one universal experience that every man on earth has secretly longed for, it's growing out their hair. Watching your strands grow into a full-blown mane gives you a shot of confidence. But without proper styling, you'll end up looking more like a caveman and less like John Wick. If you’re looking to break up with your barber in the foreseeable future, check out these wash-and-go, long hairstyles for men for ideas.

Man Ponytail

The man pony is all about practicality. That the style screams “bad boy who plays soccer and has a knack for mechanics” is a bonus. The sleek, pulled-back look also accentuates the jawline, which can help you score more . Just make sure to have a hair tie handy so you can put your lengthy hair up in one swift motion.

What sets it apart from other long hairstyles for men is its versatility. You can customize your look based on your personal style and the occasion. Leave a few strands loose for a casual, relaxed vibe. If you want to change things up, leave half of your hair down and show off your mane.

Bro Flow

Need long hairstyles for men with almost zero upkeep? The bro flow is the ultimate answer to your grooming prayers. It's a lovechild of the '70s shag (think Axl Rose) and the modern-day surfer ‘do. The best part? It looks killer on all hair textures, from straight to curly.

To achieve the bro flow (which looks a lot like trendy Korean shoulder length hair), your strands have to be at least chin-length. Ask to trim the sides and back so it doesn't look , but this is optional. When it comes to styling, comb your damp hair all the way to the back and let it flow. Use the littlest amount of pomade if it doesn't sit nicely. Pro tip: use a conditioner after shampooing to keep your locks frizz-less.

Man Bun

Not gonna lie, the man bun, one of the few "clean" hairstyles for long hair, is not for the weak-hearted – it’s not so easy to pull off. First and foremost, make sure your hair is long enough. You want to channel a brooding lumberjack with a full bun, not the fifth member of the Teletubbies with a single shoot of hair sprouting out of their head.

Second, adjust the position of the nubbin. If you have a lot of hair (congrats), putting it high up creates a bold, commanding look. If you want a subtler approach, placing the bun lower towards the back of your head achieves a sophisticated finish.


As far as long hairstyles for men go, the combover is a classic. It allows you to showcase the natural texture and volume of your hair while hiding a . All you need to do is comb your hair to one side. Once you've achieved the desired look, you'll need minimal touch-ups throughout the day.

Is your hair looking flat? Part it the other way to boost volume. Doing this also makes the roots healthier and prevents breakage. Think of it as an exercise for your strands. If you want to take your combover up a notch, pair it with an undercut on the side! You'll definitely turn some heads and, possibly, with this rock-inspired ‘do.

Slicked Back Wavy Hair

Let your majestic waves and curls take centerstage with this laid-back hairstyle. When you want to leave your hair be, push it back with your shades à la Jason Momoa. This effortless combination exudes . And let's be real, who doesn't want to look like Aquaman?

For a nighttime look, use your hair gel or wax and brush your hair backward. It will ensure your hair stays out of your face throughout the evening. But the ultimate accessory for this hairstyle is a full beard. Consider this your sign to put away your electric shaver.

These long hairstyles for men are 10 out of 10 and completely hassle-free, but don’t be complacent. Keep taking care of your mane and make sure it’s clean, fresh, and healthy.

Use Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo, a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner that cleanses the scalp and invigorates the hair. It's infused with caffeine that helps stimulate hair growth and menthol to provide long-lasting freshness.

If your scalp feels itchy, use an anti-dandruff shampoo like CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It has taurine and Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology that, together, removes toxins, flakes, and excess sebum from the scalp.

What is the best haircut for long-haired men? It depends on your preference, lifestyle, and aesthetic! These examples are proof that long hairstyles for men don’t have to be a pain in the neck. Now all you’ll need is some confidence and at least six months of patience. You can do it!