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Got short, curly hair? If it feels like more than a bane than a boost right now, things are about to change for you. We asked women who love curly-haired men why they , and their answers are a vote of confidence in your mane’s favor.

It’s a Celebrity Trend

“I really like Timothée Chalamet's style, especially his hair. It’s his standout physical trait. Ever since Little Women, I’ve just always been attracted to kulot guys, kahit hindi kamukha ni Timothée!" — Marga, 28

To grow your short, curly hair as luscious as actor Timothée's, use Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo, a fortifying 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formulated to make hair visibly thicker and stronger. It has caffeine and calcium that strengthen hair from root to end.

Curly Hair Looks Spontaneous and Mysterious

“With curly hair, you don’t know where it’s going to go! I need that kind of excitement in my life! LOL. Men with curly hair seem deeper and more mysterious, but maybe that’s just my bias. I really like Penn Badgley of YOU. I wish more guys could pull off that nerdy, sexy (but hopefully not a serial killer!) look.” — Grace Ann, 32

Short, Curly Hair Feels Great to Touch

“I like that . Even if it’s short. It gives off that woke-up-like-this cool guy vibe. And because it’s messy, it makes me want to touch and fix it. Haha! Dev Patel’s curls are just right for me. Curly but still smooth.” — Cessi, 29

If you like the mess but , take care of your hair with shampoo that keeps you feeling refreshed. Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo is formulated for dry hair, making it fresher, cleaner, softer, and more manageable. 

Volume Is Sexy

“I think it has something to do with volume! There’s something youthful about it, and it gives you a sense of virility! It helps if you have the face of actor Henry Cavill, but honestly, just this hair will do for me! LOL.” — Tanya, 35

Embrace your locks while caring for them by making sure that you through all that volume. Try CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men, which is infused with and citrus peel to deeply clean the pores on and and strong.

How to Care for Your Curls

The key to keeping your curly hair strong and soft is moisturizing it regularly with conditioner and deep conditioning at once or twice a week. The conditioning products mentioned above help keep different curly hair types healthy and moisturized. The extra moisture and makes hair more manageable. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to to prevent breakage. You can also use your fingers to define your curls by gently twisting and scrunching your locks.

Those are the top reasons women find short, curly hair attractive in men. Do you , and are the ladies into it? Share this article and find out.