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Everyone gets foul breath at some point in their lives. It could be in the morning, when you’ve just woken up, or after you’ve enjoyed a couple of slices of garlic bread. Halitosis happens and, fortunately, there are all kinds of bad breath solutions to combat it.

Masks can prevent other people from smelling your bad breath. Unfortunately, the sad twist there is you get a full blast of it when you exhale. And if you have stinky breath, well, it’s not a pleasant experience. Whether masks are on or off, you owe it to yourself to have amazing fresh breath. If you want to get rid of that fetid odor in your mouth, here are some bad breath solutions.

Drink Lots of Water

There is a reason you have really bad breath in the morning. You don’t produce as much saliva when you sleep. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against stinky breath, cavities, and gum disease. Water functions the same way. keeps your mouth moist, and it washes away bacteria buildup that causes foul mouth odors.

If you’re a newlywed and you’re hiding your bad breath in the morning from your new wife, make sure to drink copious amounts of water before sleeping.

Chew Gum

This tip takes you back to the importance of saliva in your mouth. Chewing gum stimulates saliva production, which, again, is your mouth’s self-cleaning agent. However, choose sugar-free gum. You wouldn’t want to combat bad breath only to have cavities or later. Another option is to suck on a mint, but check the label. Always go sugar-free if you can.

Bite on Parsley

That parsley on top of your pork chop? It may serve a purpose beyond plating. As far as bad breath solutions go, you can trace this back to olden times. According to an article in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, parsley has a quality that can neutralize the sulfur compounds in your oral region that are responsible for the stink. You can chew on fresh leaves or finish your meal with a parsley supplement.

Enjoy Some Yogurt

Skip the ice cream and end your meal with some yogurt instead. A study by scientists at Tsurumi University revealed that sugarless, plain yogurt cuts down the production of smelly compounds that contribute to bad breath. But apart from fighting stank breath, they also learned that it . This is on top of yogurt's many other benefits, such as being high in protein, strengthening your immunity, supporting weight management, among others.

Drink Green Tea

Are you looking for more home remedies for bad breath? Green tea isn’t just wonderful for your skin and health, it can do amazing things for halitosis, too. A 2018 study in the Dental Research Journal shows that camellia sinensis can diminish bad breath. Green tea has antimicrobial mechanisms that inhibit the odor-causing bacteria Solobacteriummoorei by breaking its cell membrane activity.

Green tea also has EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate. It is a compound that weakens the adhesion of the previously mentioned bacteria and Porphyromonasgingivalis (the substance responsible for gum infections) to your oral epithelial cells. Good stuff!

You can avoid nasty breath in many ways, such as eating garlic or onions and staying away from citrus fruits and coffee. But if you want bad breath solutions that give you a little more freedom with what you eat, . Don’t neglect to floss and brush your teeth. Use closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste, which has antibacterial zinc to help fight bacteria breath. It also has mint to ward off bad breath and give you a fresh feel.