Asian man in the forest

The Philippines is a trove for those who love nature and adventure. If you want a peaceful escapade that satisfies your thrill-seeking needs, you can try climbing a mountain, outdoor sports, and other nature activities to enjoy all the benefits of hiking.

What is hiking? Hiking, in general, means walking in nature as a form of recreation. The intensity of each hike may vary depending on the trail or the physical fitness of the hiker. A 160-pound person can burn up to 440 calories per hour of hiking at a moderate pace.

Hiking Is Great Cardio

While outdoor activities like offer tremendous advantages to your health, they can feel tedious. Boredom is your biggest obstacle when it comes to cardio. But when you’re on a hike, you get beautiful views and an inadvertent motivation to move because, well, you don’t want to be stuck on a mountain.

According to Harvard Health, hiking is a moderate-intensity cardio program, especially since going through inclines and uneven surfaces can and improve your balance.

Hiking Is Good for the Soul

Among the health benefits of hiking is how it's good for the mind. Apart from being your requisite physical activity, it also alleviates stress. A 2015 article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening notes that greenery has a positive impact on perceived mental health, general health, and mortality.

Meanwhile, the journal Environmental Health and Preventative Medicine shows forests and woodlands help reduce stress, especially for urban dwellers.

Hiking Makes You Work Out Harder

Did you know that green exercise – exercise performed amid nature – has even shown evidence of reducing blood glucose levels in diabetic patients? More than that, it’s also much more motivating than trudging along a treadmill.

A 2019 paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health presents evidence that people doing green exercises engage in longer physical activity. Surveys reveal that mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding require longer hours while are also able to work at higher intensities. The study suggests that the foliage not only creates a perception of less effort but also distracts them from signs of fatigue.

Hiking Is a Fun Way to Exercise

The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has a quick answer to why hiking is such an appealing exercise. Apart from the physical benefits, it also allows you to sightsee, socialize, and experience nature. And because it feels like a recreational activity more than anything, outdoor exercisers tend to hike longer (and burn more calories) without even realizing it – a conclusion similar to other studies.

Hiking Provides Holistic Health

The benefits of hiking include reduced stress, but that’s not all. According to the AJLM study, apart from lowering feelings of hopelessness and depression, nature helps improve mindfulness and overall . It also helps reduce anger and makes you feel revitalized.

The study also notes that trekking through natural environments can help with developmental challenges in every life stage. For example, children who engage in play outdoors demonstrate advanced motor skills and are sick less often. Meanwhile, teenagers facing issues on body image, identity, and the future have better reflection amid green spaces.

Further research also shows that middle-aged people who practiced a green walking program strengthened their personal growth, self-acceptance, and a sense of purpose.

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