A man talking to a woman on their first date at a café.

What’s worse than being late on the ? Being labeled as #cringe by your crush. There’s a fine line between charming and awkward, and it all depends on how you break the ice. You’ll need the right balance of lighthearted and insightful topics to keep her engaged. For starters, don’t open the conversation with a “What’s up?” –she’s not your bro.

If smooth-talking is not one of your better qualities, we’ve got you covered. Try these icebreaker questions on your first date and maybe – if you weave them into conversation nicely – you get a second one.

Question 1: What Is Your Hidden Talent?

Kick it off with something playful. Two scenarios can come up from asking this question. If she does have a hidden talent, she'll appreciate the opportunity to show her quirky side. But if she draws a blank, she will pass the ball to you. No matter how it goes, you will successfully break the ice without coming off as cringe. Chicks dig funny guys. Your crush will give you a point as someone with whom she can goof around.

Question 2: What Is Your Dream Job?

This is a step above asking what she does for a living. She might hate talking about her current job, so inviting her to share her ambitions can be a way to build chemistry. From here, you can find out what motivates her and see if her future plans match yours. However, save any follow-up questions for the next date (ahem) unless you want to make your first outing more like a .

Question 3: What Are the Top Five Items on Your Bucket List?

Everyone has a bucket list, and if she doesn’t, that may be a red flag. You definitely don’t want to be in a relationship with someone with no aspirations or enthusiasm in life. Therefore, this seemingly easy-going question can reveal so much about a person. And, hey, if she has several fun and doable things on her list, you can use them as . More points for being thoughtful and romantic!

Question 4: What Is Your Guilty Pleasure You Think Everyone Should Try?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a glimpse of her personality on a first date? Break the ice by asking her about a guilty pleasure she thinks people can enjoy. That way, you’re not putting her on the spot. Maybe she likes hate-watching dating reality shows or prefers her ice cream melted like soup. Then, say the magic words, “That’s not too bad!” to defuse any awkward silence. If you have a guilty pleasure that’s even weirder – but not icky– tell her and it might just be an inside joke you two can share.

Question 5: Would You Rather Have the Ability to Control Time or Money?

This question lets you know more about her views and goals without getting too philosophical. There’s no right or wrong answer but it would be interesting to know her reasons. Would she rather have more time to pursue her hobbies outside work? Or is she a go-getter who wants more money so she can tick off her bucket list? There are endless possibilities, and this can deepen your bond. Let the discussion flow and stay cool. Translation: don’t mansplain!

Question 6: What Are Your Pet Peeves?

Afraid that you may have made a terrible ? Calm your jitters by asking about her deal breakers off the bat. And guess what? There’s a 99% chance body odor is on her no-no list. So before your date, make sure you smell the part by using AXE Ice Breaker Body Spray. It has a fresh mandarin scent and cooling benefits. Seriously, it can cool your skin down by 11 degrees Celsius! Plus, it busts odor for up to 48 hours so you can be chill (and smell irresistible) even when the atmosphere is heating up.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to share your own pet peeves. She will appreciate your straightforwardness, and maybe, you can have a laugh or two over past dating fails. Plus, you can avoid any miscommunication in the future.

Question 7: How Would You Describe Your Childhood in Three Words?

Learning about someone’s upbringing can let you in on their family dynamics. It’s a subtle, non-interrogative way of digging into their background. This is important because when you enter a relationship with her, you’re also entering relationships with her parents and siblings. You can ask follow-up questions like her childhood home, where she went to school, or her favorite Sunday morning cartoon. But take a moment to read her body language as well. If she looks uncomfortable, better move on to another topic.

Question 8: If You Have a Superpower, What Would It Be?

Whether she watches Marvel movies because of the hype or she’s a true comic fan at heart, throw this curveball to lighten up the mood. You can break the ice (if there is any) by revealing your power of choice, along with a dope superhero name. Although this question is a bit random, it’s actually a chance to see her creativity and sense of humor.

Question 9: Where Would You Most Like to Live?

Don’t forget to ask this question if you have an adventurous soul. Is she a beach or mountain person? Maybe she’s more of a metropolitan girl? Her answer will shed some light on the lifestyle she craves, a.k.a.a crucial factor for compatibility. You might also discover her decorating style – something to consider if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Question 10: What Is Your Go-To Pick-Up Line?

End the date on a high note with a pick-up line showdown. It’s funny and flirty, which makes it the perfect way to break the ice. Who knows, she might blow your mind with some clever moves that you wish you had thought of yourself. And when it’s your turn, drop your hottest one-liner with a dashing smile, courtesy of closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste. This multitasking toothpaste lifts plaque, whitens teeth, and freshens your breath all at once.

Now you’re ready to break the ice and charm your date with these conversation starters. Just make sure you don’t forget your wallet at home.