A portrait of man looking at expensive perfume bottle.

Is there a better compliment than being told you ? People love your scent so much that they stop you and ask what fragrance wearing. But to get such high praise, you don’t have to shell out thousands of pesos for expensive perfumes. You can get high-end scents at a fraction of the price with AXE’s first-ever Fine Fragrance Collection. Scroll on to find out more about this top-rated lineup!

High-Quality Scents Designed by Top-Class Perfumers

When it comes to smelling like a million bucks, AXE Fine Fragrance Collection understood the assignment. The brand has teamed up with world-renowned fragrance houses Givaudan and Firmenich as well as Ann Gotlieb, a.k.a. the best “Nose” in the industry who’s behind many expensive perfumes for men. Together, they crafted a range of scent profiles which rival that of big-ticket counterparts.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to a recent consumer blind test, eight in 10 men agreed that AXE Fine Fragrance Collection smells finer than or just as good as luxurious perfumes for men. What’s more, a whopping 73% of Gen-Z and millennial guys picked AXE’s newest fragrances over three designer colognes.

The experts at AXE use only high-quality, natural essential oils that you can find in expensive perfumes. Each note doesn’t just make way for the next but rather complements the others without overpowering your senses.

Smell Finer Than Expensive Perfumes with the New AXE Fine Fragrance Collection

So, what sets AXE Fine Fragrance Collection apart from other body sprays? For one, the scent compositions are more sophisticated, akin to expensive perfumes. None of that nose-stinging alcohol-y odor you’d usually pick up in cheap male fragrances.

Another reason why the Fine Fragrance lineup deserves the G.O.A.T status is its hybrid formula that combines the best of both worlds – long-lasting scent and superior . It’s enriched with 2x more ZincZap technology, which keeps you feeling fresh and premium for up to 72 hours. 

Get to know the three champions of the AXE Fine Fragrance Collection here, and you might find your new .

Smell clean and smooth with this crowd-pleaser.

A blend of lavender, cool mint, and gourmand gelato accord makes this fragrance a crowd-favorite. You can wear this year-round, especially when you want to bring your .

AXE Body Spray Blue Lavender is refreshing yet refined. Hints of fresh orange blossom, creamy vanilla, and boozy geranium add complexity, which brings some opulence to the clean aroma. As it dries down, notes of cedarwood, amber, and tonka bean ground the scent in warmth and sensuality.

Bring summer to the fore with a fusion of bergamot, sage, and juniper.

The opening smells like a sparkling, tropical drink – all thanks to its aromatic bergamot, crisp juniper berries, and watery accord. Although it’s the ultimate , it doesn’t hit you with a blast of overly citrusy scent as some colognes do.

AXE Body Spray Aqua Bergamoth as a fresh scent that's balanced out with the spicy notes of coriander seed and clary sage. Everything gets rounded up with nutmeg, sandalwood, and amber that linger on the skin long after the first spritz. It gives a highly addicting intensity that you won’t find in other body sprays or expensive perfumes.

Carry the forest with you with geranium, cedarwood, and patchouli.

If you could bottle a rainforest, it would probably smell like AXE Body Spray Emerald Sage. Its woody muskiness comes from a mix of Indonesian patchouli, Amyris oil, cedarwood, and fir balsam. But that’s not all there is to this green-centric scent.

The marriage between Moroccan spearmint and geranium casts a subtle airiness that pairs well with the strong earthy base notes of emerald sage. Then, a mosaic of herbs like sage, cardamom, and black pepper reels you in with its spicy kick. It truly is a fragrance you can’t get bored of.

Even the most accessible fragrances can smell as good as expensive perfumes. Still don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself and give the AXE Fine Fragrance Collection a try! You can get one for ₱315 from supermarkets, health & beauty stores, and e-commerce sites.