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Switching scents every season may sound like a bougie thing to do but hear us out. This seemingly frivolous act yields plenty of benefits. Fresh scents are good all year round, thanks to the Philippines’ tropical climate. However, they are especially suitable for summer, when it's just too hot and sticky to wear something heavy. Scroll down for a quick guide.

What Is Considered a Fresh Scent?

A Pinoy’s earliest memory of fresh scents is baby cologne, which usually has citrus, green, watery, and fruity notes – the same ones found in summer fragrances. In perfumery, these are considered “cool” notes, indicating that their opposites (animal, musk, vanilla, powdery) are “warm.”

Fresh scents are usually in the top notes, which means they have lighter molecules that evaporate quickly. On the other hand, perfumes associated with the cold season have heavier molecules and last longer. The body releases these fragrance molecules through sweat and heat, so if you wear a scent with warm top notes in the summer, these will be the first to evaporate and can be overwhelming.

How to Choose the Right Scent for You

1. Learn about fragrance families and notes. 

Study the differences between citrus, floral, gourmand, woody, oriental, and fresh scents by trying out perfumes. Doing this can help you narrow down which ones you like and make the search a lot easier. Woody scents tend to be more masculine and usually contain musk and sandalwood as top notes. However, check the middle and base notes as well since these last longer on the skin.

2. Test it on your skin.

If you have the chance to try the product on, always spritz it on your skin and not on your clothes. Doing this allows you to see how the formula adapts to your body's chemistry. Chances are that the fragrance won’t smell the same as it does on test strips or clothes.

3. Think about how you’ll use it.

Do you need perfume for special occasions or just a daily scent to make you feel confident and put together? Are you doing this for yourself or to impress someone? Does the scent have to be long-lasting, or do you prefer a lighter formula, like cologne, body spray, or EDT (eau de toilette)? Answering these questions can lead you to the best product for your needs.

Fresh Scents for Men

If you do go down the route, try the following fragrances from Axe. These use a dual-action technology that fights and keeps you smelling irresistible for up to 48 hours.

AXE Body Spray Jungle Fresh – This contains wooden canopy and amber notes that may remind you of a tropical rainforest, which is perfect if you’ve got an that you’d like to share with the world.

AXE Body Spray Ice Chill – This one smells cool and keeps you cool with crushed mint and rosemary combined with lemon, water, and aromatic notes. It’s the ideal scent for a chill summer day in the city.

AXE Body Spray Black – This mysterious scent features notes of frozen pears, watermelon, and bergamot on a base of cedarwood and musk. Refreshing and masculine, it oozes with quiet confidence and an understated appeal.

Try experimenting with fresh scents this summer to see which fragrances and formulations suit you best. You may even want to wear them all year (it is hot all the time, anyway) or switch to warmer notes for the Ber months. Whatever you choose, just have fun with it and wear whatever makes you feel most confident.