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Having a signature scent is like having the perfect business card — it accurately captures your style and personality in one whiff so you can confidently present yourself without saying a word.

Contrary to what others may think, it’s not a single scent, such as a cologne. It is a combination of all the products you use and the chemicals in your body. Your diet, stress levels, hydration situation, shampoo, deodorant, cologne, and soap contribute to your signature scent.

Here are all the ways a signature scent can work for you in a single encounter.

To Announce Your Arrival

You can't get a better entourage than a signature scent that everyone loves and associates with you. Think of it as your advanced party, announcing your presence long before people see your face. One way to start is to find your signature perfume or cologne. It is the scent that makes you feel GGSS (). It also makes you ready to take on any challenge with .

To Make a Good First Impression

The key to an impactful arrival is subtlety. So you’ve caught their attention with your fragrance, the next step is to wow people with your charming personality. You don’t have one? Channel the characteristics of your signature scent. Find out its contents. Soak up the qualities of its notes. Think of the kind of man who would spray it on.

AXE Deo Bodyspray Dark Temptation has a smooth, irresistible, dark chocolate scent, which is ideal for charismatic men. It has notes of ginger, basil, coriander, and red peppercorn. Fruity pear, patchouli, chocolate, whipped cream, vanilla, and musk finish the spicy aroma. He’s charismatic and attention-getting, somewhat intimidating — but a solid, standup guy at his core. If this spray resonates with you, stock up because it also protects you from odor-causing bacteria for up to 48 hours.

To Share Your Personality

A good signature scent melts into you. It matches your chemistry. It doesn’t jump off from you and make its own way. Think of it as personal branding. For example, a company specializing in “olfactive branding” concocts signature scents for the likes of Nike — their fragrance is reminiscent of the rubber soles of a basketball shoe squeaking on the court. People smell it, they know it’s you.

To Make You More Memorable

Finally, a signature scent makes you more memorable. According to the Harvard Brain Science Initiative, smell, emotions, and memory are intertwined. Your odor is what lingers in people’s minds after they meet you. They decide whether you’re a guy-next-door, a rebel, or a man’s man by the scent you wear.

When choosing for yourself, the good old “spray-and-walk-away" strategy still works. Spray the scent on your skin, then walk around for 10 minutes to give it time to adjust to your body chemistry. If you still like it after that, then it's the one. It’s never too late to find your signature scent to go with your . You may even find several as you go through different phases of your life. Just go with the flow and let your nose lead the way. Oh, and yeah, remember that a whiff goes a long way.