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How do you view yourself? Would you say you have high self-esteem? According to the American Psychological Association, self-esteem refers to “the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive.” When you have high self-esteem, it means you possess a great deal of self-respect and confidence.

Some people think that having high self-esteem means you view yourself too highly. In the age of loving yourself, believing in yourself does not entail a large ego, self-conceit, or narcissism. Who cares what people think? Intrinsically, you know that you, your convictions, and your ideas are valuable. Even when others do something to make you question them, your self-esteem allows you to , fight against that negativity, and do your own thing.

Guys who have high self-esteem are usually more mentally resilient. Because of their mindset, they can handle problems positively and proactively and have healthy coping skills for challenges that come their way. On the other hand, those who put themselves down can be more prone to mental conditions such as depression. When you feel bad about yourself, you find it harder to have a more fulfilling life and create and maintain rewarding relationships. 

Self-esteem is necessary because valuing your opinions and beliefs allows you to make better decisions about your life. It helps you take charge of your prospects, and your actions shape your circumstances, not the other way around.

If you don’t quite feel like you have a positive view of yourself yet, do not worry: self-esteem is something you can develop. It’s not something you’re born with. Here are some of the healthy habits that men with high self-esteem do.

Healthy Habits That Men With High Self-Esteem Do

They talk about ideas, not people.

Guys with high self-esteem do not spend time talking or criticizing other people behind their backs. They believe doing so wastes time they can spend on other, more productive things.

Unlike insecure people who feel compelled to talk about others to make them feel better, self-possessed men do not need the validation of others, much less the misery of other people, to know they’re doing the right thing. These guys would rather expend their energy talking about ideas and possibilities – things they can envision and realize on their terms.

Their thoughts and ideas are rooted in facts.

Insecure people hide behind opinions and judgments, as they would rather conform to their skewed version of reality than face the truth. Not the guys with high self-esteem. Particulars are their point of reference; their thoughts, ideas, and decisions are based on reality. They understand that decisions based on facts and figures are more likely to happen so they can quickly create a concrete action plan.

They remain grounded and self-aware.

Men with high self-esteem have enough positive energy to believe they can make a difference. They are grounded and self-aware. They also continue to observe the world and its surroundings. They understand the nuances of what is around them, allowing them to relate and participate with others better.

They are authentic.

Men with high self-esteem don’t need to pretend or overcompensate to impress others. Their regard for themselves is innately strong they don’t need to hide behind personas to gain acceptance or respect. They behave, think, and act more authentically, especially in social interactions. They are less likely to give in to peer pressure to be socially accepted and take comfort in their ideas, values, and beliefs.

They’re open to listening to others.

Just because view their opinions strongly does not mean they don’t have the humility to see other perspectives. Because they’re not trying to prove themselves to others, they can maintain a strong worldview while being open-minded enough to see other people’s points of view that they may not have realized before. , even if it means being proven wrong as they are not driven by ego.

Self-esteem and confidence are things you build over time. Start with confidence that you can reflect on the outside – the Axe Ice Breaker Body Spray uses the freshness of Mandarin to cool your skin instantly so you can stay fresh and confident any time.

Do you have high self-esteem? Be your best self yet and build that inner confidence.