A man flexing his biceps while waist-deep in water.

Your just called you a “himbo,” then left you a sly *smirk* emoji. You pause and savor the moment, convinced you’ve finally snagged the sexy validation you’ve longed for since day one. You reply confidently: “At your service! I’d take that as a compliment. *wink*”

But is it really a compliment? Or did you just out yourself as an uncool tito clueless about the latest online lingo? Set things straight by taking this crash course on Gen-Z slang and some internet nicknames for boys. Class is in session.


A himbo, which combines him and bimbo, is someone physically attractive (often ) but a total airhead. Think: Thor, Hercules, and Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove. Initially considered an insult, the term is now evolving online, possibly becoming less derogatory. agrees and even identifies the well-loved Joey Tribbiani from Friends as one.

While himbos may not be the sharpest tools in the box, they often possess above-average EQ. These gentle giants are sweet, innocent, and respectful, making them extra appealing to women. So, whether the term is a jab or a compliment is subjective. What’s your verdict?

Example: “That gym bro just left his car running to buy his gf a bouquet. Himbo energy!”


Everyone adores . But when your efforts veer into obsession, and you expect something in return, you enter simp territory. It’s that guy who’s excessively concerned and desperate for attention, affection, and validation from a woman. Sometimes, he even goes as far as becoming too submissive. Not cool, bro!

Example: “He spent his VL being a simp, commuting from Sta. Rosa to QC to change a girl’s flat tire.”


Choosing unique call signs with your partner? If she anoints you as “babygirl,” keep your cool and embrace it with pride. You have just joined the ranks of Harry Styles, Jacob Elordi, and BTS’ Jimin. Babygirls are ultra-attractive men with a cutesy, submissive vibe. They’re sensitive boys who unwittingly flaunt their sexy vulnerability–but are still so secure in their masculinity!

Example: “We were lying by the pool reading, then I caught him glancing at me. He’s so babygirl!”


Mr. Rizzler, Rizzly Bear, the Rizzard of Oz, the Professor of Rizzonomics–these are some code name ideas for boys with . But claiming this recognition requires undeniable appeal and confidence. You’ve got to have game!

To earn your PhD in Quantum Rizzics, master the art of attraction. Invest in the right products, like AXE Body Spray Black to bust odor and keep yourself irresistibly fragrant. Or try AXE Body Spray Dark Temptation for a long-lasting, sweet-spicy scent. Match it with a and watch as heads turn in your direction.

Example: “Make sure you’re a rizzler at the after-party tonight, Mr. MVP!”


Think of your favorite afternoon merienda and how it gets you excited, whetting your appetite in no time. It could be a juicy cheeseburger, cheesy french fries, or crispy turon with langka. Now, imagine having that same irresistible effect on other people. That’s what it means to be a snack or snacc. Y-U-M.

Example: “Your Boracay pics just proved you’re a total snacc. Grabe your abs–nakakagutom!”


Meet the fathers: Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Piolo Pascual. And the bachelors: Michael B. Jordan, Pedro Pascal, and Gerald Anderson. Two different chapters, one united title: the internet-certified Daddies! What does it take to join their league? A few rugged years, unmistakable charm, an aura of authority, and a dash of power. Dad bod optional.

Example: “Saw Piolo in the flesh. Couldn’t take my eyes off him. Such a daddy!”


Being a zaddy is less about age or actual fathering experience. It’s more about swagger. A zaddy is always stylish. He knows the latest trends not only in fashion but also in music, art, and all things cool. He’s charming, , and dripping with sex appeal.

Example: “Oh, that Michael B. Jackson? A daddy and a zaddy all at once.”


Move over alphas; sigmas are taking over and likely doing it without a pack of rowdy bros trailing behind. A sigma is a lone wolf–quiet, independent, and mysterious. These qualities add an air of intrigue to his persona, earning him a badge of cool. He boasts the same credentials as an alpha–only with a touch of humility.

Example: “Dude sat at the end of the bar but still commanded everyone’s attention. Sigma’s going strong.”


At the opposite end of the alpha and sigma spectrum are the betas. They hold no power, especially over their insecurities. If someone calls you a beta, they’re saying you’re weak, passive, and submissive. Basically, a guy who can’t catch any Ws.

‍Example: “Man’s being a total beta with how he cheated on his ex multiple times.”


In the anime series Naruto, a hokage is the strongest and most respected ninja. They serve as the intelligent village leader who ensures peace and prosperity. However, no thanks to ingenious Filipinos, the term has taken on a negative connotation. Now, hokage refers to a skillful pervert who makes swift, stealthy, and non-consensual advances on women (a.k.a. ninja moves).

Example: Nagpaka-hokage siya the whole night at the club kaya he ended up at the police station.”

Note that these nicknames for guys continue to evolve with the times. Explore the depths of the internet to stay updated on their changing definitions. Who knows? Being called a himbo, simp, or beta might just be your badge of honor.