Asian man and woman laughing while on a coffee date.

So, you think you know how to flirt with girls? Contrary to what some men think, women are not a one-size-fits-all situation, especially in dating and romance. You may be naturally charismatic, but you can’t expect to use the same opening line to every girl you find attractive and expect success all the time.

To flirt successfully, you need to strike a balance between intention and nonchalance, with a confidence that doesn’t come off as too presko. Consider the other person’s personality and interests. While being genuine is key, it doesn’t hurt to be extra thoughtful about what your crush likes.

Although some women may enjoy romance and grand gestures, others may find it off-putting and even a little creepy. The same goes for the scent you wear – keep it casual and personal without coming on too strong. That said, here are some tips to maximize your chances of flirting success.

Be Yourself

Just be yourself and . Don't waste time trying to think of a pickup line. Give them . Women appreciate it if you genuinely try to get to know them. More importantly, don’t be afraid to show the real you.

Crack a Joke or Two

Once the conversation starts flowing and things feel right, try cracking a joke. It can help ease any awkwardness and bring you a bit closer as laughing releases dopamine – the chemical in your brain that makes you feel good.

Use Subtle Body Language

Another tip on how to flirt with girls is to use subtle body language to show you’re interested. You don’t want to freak your crush out by invading her personal space, so use small, unintimidating gestures. These subtle cues let the other person know you’re interested, open, and available.

For example, instead of crossing your arms and turning your torso away, angle your body towards her and make eye contact. Everyone seeks eye contact when starting a conversation in social situations. Of course, avoid making googly eyes or staring too long. You want to make a connection, not send her running.

Speak to Her Interests...Through Scent!

The flirting stage is the perfect time to show your personality. It's about not being afraid to share your interests and getting to know the other person. However, don't hog the mic – including them in the conversation is attractive. This includes wearing a fragrance that says, “This is what I like, do you like them, too?”

Scent is an excellent way to share your personality without speaking a word. Even insects rely primarily on pheromones to communicate. Moreover, a notes that adults eventually learn to appreciate their partner's scent – even if that is at first in an emotionally neutral way. So here are some scents that just might work!

The Outdoorsy Adventurer

Are you always on the lookout for the next trip? Do you pride yourself in? Capture her attention with a scent that’s equal parts exciting and comforting with warm and aromatic notes. Try Axe Bodyspray Dark Temptation, a blend of hot chocolate and a subtle pop of spice and fruity sweetness.

The Quiet Creative

You’re always making something – whether it’s photography, film, cooking, or even making craft cocktails. You're likely to attract women who have that same creative spirit. Appeal to her refined side with warm and sensual notes of amber and vanilla. Axe Bodyspray Gold Temptation has a musky and exciting scent with creamy, spicy, and wooden notes.

girls comesThe Concert Lover

Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of music? Maybe you just like soaking in the festival vibe? Whatever your reasons for loving the concert scene, make that passion known through your signature scent. Strike the right chord with her with fresh and fruity notes that reflect your zest for life. Axe Bodyspray Black has a fresh and clean scent with notes of frozen pear and bergamot.

The Gamer

Are you into all kinds of mobile or desktop games? Is your idea of a perfect date chilling with friends and playing Fortnite with some drinks and snacks? Try an energetic but relaxed scent like Axe Bodyspray Ice Chill. It has notes of lemon, mint, and ice leaves that impart sparkling freshness.

The Trendsetter

Do your friends come to you for fashion advice? Do you follow the latest trends and appreciate a woman who does, too? Finish your look with a sparkling and flirtatious scent Axe Bodyspray Ice Breaker. It has a blend of sage, mandarin, and mint to make you as fresh as your ‘fit.

The Athlete

Are you thinking of taking your crush on a workout or sporty date? Stay fresh even while sweating with Axe Bodyspray Recharge, a natural, aquatic, and crisp scent. It has fresh yuzu and cool aqua that will keep you motivated and sharp throughout your date.

Knowing how to flirt with girls comes with experience.Up your chances of winning with the proper techniques (and fragrance). Good luck!