Asian man running in the outdoors.

No one wants to stink while working out or doing outdoor sports. After all, getting a whiff of BO – whether someone else’s or your own – can be quite the mood killer, even when your endorphins already have you on a high.

Yet body odor is common and even expected when working or training intensely for a sport. It’s all but a natural effect of sweat, sebum, bacteria, yeast, and protein on the skin. Add prolonged time between showers and being outdoors (hot temperatures allow bacteria to fester even quicker), and you get a potent and overpowering scent that can turn off those around you.

While that sounds like a bummer, here is the bright side: you can keep BO at bay. All you have to do is take care of a few things that may be to blame. Here are some ways to fend it off and stay fresh while doing outdoor sports.

Hit the Shower Before Working Out

Don’t wait until you’re drenched in sweat . While showering after exercising or enjoying outdoor sports is common sense, cleansing your body beforehand can help. It gets rid of existing bacteria that can compound on your skin and refreshes you. The result? You’re more active and energized, allowing you to have longer workouts without embarrassing BO.

Apply Deodorant at Night

It may seem counterintuitive, but applying your deodorant in the evening can also help keep you smelling fresh. , which does not affect their effectiveness even if you shower in the morning.

The antiperspirant-deodorants that can handle the are Rexona Men Natural Fresh Lime Cool Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On and Rexona Charcoal Detox Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-Ons, which freshen your underarms with natural fragrance essential oils and ingredients like charcoal, lime, and menthol for a cooling sensation.

That said, how you apply your deo also matters. It is best to put on deodorant while your skin is clean and dry. Reapplying deodorant after sweating does not work and will leave you with a sticky feeling and an odd smell. You can keep your deo in your gym bag to swipe it on after you shower.

Spritz on Some Bodyspray

after your shower if you want to step up your odor defense. Certain products, such as AXE Bodyspray Black, fight bacteria and not just mask the odor. It allows you to smell fresh and irresistible for 48 hours, thanks to its new dual-action technology that fights odor-causing germs and keeps long-lasting freshness. No matter what comes your way, you don't have to worry about BO.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Attire for outdoor sports or any intense physical activity should be loose, breezy, and appropriate for your workout. It should control sweat and make it easy for you to exercise and play. No to thick, fitted tees or tight shorts! Moisture-wicking fabrics help your skin breathe and allow sweat to evaporate instead of sitting on your skin, helping prevent odor and .

Make Sure Your Shoes Aren’t Smelly

Your toes (and sneakers) can get smelly, too. Sweaty feet are normal while wearing sneakers, but this doesn’t mean you can just let them be. Taking care of your sneakers by air-drying them in the sun can help kill bacteria and neutralize foul smells. Before wearing them, make sure your feet are dry. Apply foot powder to absorb sweat and deodorize throughout the day.

Wipe Off Sweat Right Away 

Carry a towel when exercising or doing outdoor sports to wipe off sweat. The key is to keep it from staying on the skin long enough to interact with odor-causing bacteria. If your pits, neck, or arms get clammy, whip out the towel and pat yourself dry. You can also use tissue or wet wipes. It helps manage your temperature and keeps you feeling fresh.

Shower Immediately After Your Workout

Why would you wait until you go home to bathe if there is a decent shower around? Prolonging it only leads to more bacteria and sweat on your skin. You also risk transferring your sweat and grime from the workout to your car seat or sofa if you wait until getting home.

You don’t have to worry about getting stinky while doing outdoor sports – these tips will keep you .