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El Niño may be making the Earth dryer, but its extreme effects on the weather are doing the opposite for underarms everywhere. If you find your armpits over-perspiring in this heat, don’t just marinate in your own juices – do something about it. It’s your responsibility as a civilized adult to protect yourself and others from BO. Here’s a guide on how to stop pit sweat just for you.

Choose the Right Antiperspirant

If you want to know how to stop pit sweat, you’ll find your answer somewhere along the deodorant aisle of your favorite supermarket. Yup, it’s time to take your personal hygiene routine seriously, especially when it’s this warm and humid. 

Using deodorant alone isn’t enough because it masks odor, but doesn’t get to the root, which is sweat. Foul-smelling body odor occurs when you perspire and protein compounds in your sweat interact with certain bacteria on your armpit skin. It only makes sense to throw an into the mix.

To curb underarm sweating, opt for an antiperspirant containing aluminum-based compounds like aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate (usually found in aerosols and roll-ons), or aluminum zirconium (usually found in sticks).

Try Rexona Men Motionsense Roll On Deodorant Ice Cool. It delivers 72 hours of sweat and odor protection and ice-cool freshness, thanks to its super cool mint scent. Apply it to clean, dry skin before bed to allow it to work overnight and block sweat glands effectively.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Select clothing made from breathable materials, such as cotton and linen, in shades and patterns that won’t show sweat like white, navy, or plaid. These materials allow sweat to evaporate more quickly, keeping you cooler and less sweaty. 

If you’re concerned about body odor, steer clear of“tech fabrics” like those used for gym clothes for the time being. Bacteria, sweat, and body oils get trapped in these synthetic fabrics, usually blended with polyester, as they wick moisture away from your skin. This can make them prone to smelling funky even after washing. If you do have to wear them to exercise, change them immediately after your workout.

Practice Good Hygiene

Maintain good hygiene by with Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash with Multivitamins+ Total 10 to keep your armpits clean and minimize odor-causing bacteria. Pay special attention to your underarms – your armpit hairs can also trap moisture and odor, so make sure to give them a good rinse. Doing so may not stop sweat from coming out of your pores, but it can help get rid of BO-triggering bacteria.

Manage Stress

Did you know that regular sweat is different from ? The latter is a reaction to emotions such as anxiety or excitement and tends to be a lot smellier. This type of sweat is thicker, protein-rich, and comes from the apocrine glands in the underarms, groin, and feet – which can harbor odor-causing bacteria. 

Incorporate stress management techniques into your routine, such as deep breathing exercises, meditation, or yoga, to help keep stress levels in check and reduce sweating. And, as mentioned above, clean these areas thoroughly with soap and water to reduce bacteria build-up.

Stay Hydrated and Adjust Your Diet

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to regulate your body temperature and prevent excessive sweating. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol can also help reduce sweat production. Spicy foods can also trigger excessive perspiration, so cut back on the hot wings for now.

Consider Wearing Sweat Pads

Special measures may be required if you suffer from or hyperhidrosis. On extra hot or stressful days, consider wearing sweat pads to minimize sweat marks on your clothes. These pads absorb sweat from the skin, keeping it from transferring onto your shirts. Some stick to the skin while others to clothing. They also come in different materials, sizes, and textures. Choose a variant that suits your needs best.

Consult Your Doctor

If home remedies aren't effective, consult a dermatologist for medical treatments. They may recommend prescription-strength antiperspirants and (using electrical currents to temporarily block sweat glands). They may also suggest Sweatox, a non-invasive procedure that involves injecting very small doses of Botulinum Toxin into the sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating.

Understanding how to stop pit sweat can help you control body odor and avoid getting embarrassing sweat stains on your clothes. For some people, using the right products, maintaining , and making a few lifestyle adjustments will do the trick. If you’re not among this lucky bunch, talk to your doctor for tailored treatments and recommendations.