Young Asian man in a blue suit holding a phone and a cup of coffee.

Applying for a job is one of the most intimidating introductions into the so-called “real life,” but there are ways to go about it effectively and confidently. This article will give you the gist – starting with choosing the right job interview attire.

One may argue that going all in with your attire is the best way to impress a prospective employer, but frankly, it’s a fine line between “hireable” and over-the-top. Straddling that fence means looking like a “boss” without rubbing your interviewer the wrong way. Read on to find out why this is important and how to get the right look. (Hopefully, the job, too!)

The Right Attire Conveys Confidence and Competence

Arriving at your job interview already looking like a boss screams and competence. Sure, you may come off as intimidating, maybe even a little bit mayabang, but that’s a small price to pay for a shot at your dream career. According to the , dressing professionally helps people remember you for your experience, not your failed wardrobe choices.

But what exactly does a “boss” job interview attire look like? LinkedIn suggests suits for men, especially for corporate positions. Your clothes must look like they were made for you. Having the right fit makes shirts, jackets, and pants look sharp and expensive. On the other hand, clothes that are too big can make you look sloppy and unkempt – not necessarily desirable qualities in an employee. Make sure your clothes are ironed. Bonus points for pants with a crease line.

It Allows the Interviewee to Picture You in a Leadership Role

Imagine being the employer and you see an applicant wearing an untucked T-shirt and casual khakis. Would this job interview attire inspire you? Would it prompt you to picture him as a manager? Unlikely. Showing up in a sharp button-down shirt, good shoes, and a professional-looking bag puts you in the league of “” at least aesthetically. Making an effort to look the part is the least you can do.

Should you get hired, make sure to keep up the good grooming and sharp dressing. A by Office Team found that 86% of workers and 80% of managers feel clothing choices affect a person’s chances of getting promoted. So, go ahead and put more thought into your wardrobe. 

It Can Improve Your Communication Skills

You’ve probably noticed how certain clothes make you feel more powerful. Maybe putting on your favorite jacket gets a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack going in your head. Maybe it makes you feel like a rock star yourself. By the same logic, wearing an extra sharp suit can make you feel like you’ve got the job in the bag. It may even make you more confident, creative, and articulate.

Research from California State University and found that wearing a more formal job interview attire, such as a blazer with dress pants, can encourage abstract thinking. This enhances your ability to talk about big ideas with higher-order reasoning and answer hypothetical questions. It puts you on another level of thinking – maybe just the kind you need to ace your interview.

Dressing Well Puts You in the Right Mindset

Wearing sweats or anything too comfortable may remind you of unemployed days on the couch. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not exactly the mindset you want to be in as you go into a crucial appointment. Your job interview attire can affect your disposition and confidence, affecting your performance.

So, make an effort for this occasion. Wash your hair. Shave. Observe . Spray on AXE Body Spray Black. With fresh notes of frozen pear and bergamot, this zesty and clean scent is the perfect match for your big “boss” energy and job interview attire. Bottomline: Wear what you feel comfortable in but, at the same time, dress for the person you want to be. If you see yourself loving this job, do whatever it takes to get it – even if it means wearing slacks and a belt.