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What does it take to succeed in the workplace? Many leadership skills, such as grit and perseverance, owning your work, and having good emotional intelligence will help you get ahead in whatever position you hold in your company.

Leadership skills aren't limited to managers. After all, leadership is a quality more than a position. Read on for the traits that can make your life in the office easier. You can hone these attributes with time and practice. 

Having Patience

Being patient is a leadership skill you can use in any situation at work, despite . According to a study in the Journal of Positive Psychology, patience means having the capacity to wait when faced with adversity or frustration. The research measured types of patience related to personality, well-being, pursuing goals, and achievement. It found that patience helped them work toward their goals in the face of obstacles.

Practicing Fortitude

The shorthand for fortitude is bravery, which is having courage in the face of adversity. In difficult times, you must have the ongoing strength to persevere without fear. This leadership and is especially handy at work when faced with interpersonal relationships that may be hard to deal with daily. It can even help you get the most challenging tasks done.

Exuding Kindness

Kindness is a leadership trait that will help you at work and get you through life. Being kind means having the empathy to put yourself in another’s shoes and being generous in spirit. It also makes you a happier person. A study by the US Department of Health & Human Services states that “kindness is an important human strength that influences subjective well-being.” Kindness makes also helps you have better interpersonal relationships – something crucial for leadership success.

Being Creative

Practicing creativity is one of the top abilities of a leader. It means thinking outside the box, and it can help get you out of any situation. Got a problem to solve? Have a mindset that requires you to go outside your comfort zone. In a situation that’s tough to handle, use your imagination and be original in your solutions.

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