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Here's a tip for anyone just beginning his fitness journey: do it early. At this stage, you’re still likely dragging your feet. You’ll find that getting the workout over with is a good and sustainable strategy. A morning exercise routine gives you energy and makes you more productive. Ready to get physical in the A.M.? Read on for the whys and hows.

The Benefits of Morning Exercise

The effects of exercise depend on numerous factors, such as personal constitution, workout, frequency, and length. For example, a 2013 study in Integrative Medicine Research learned that morning cyclists have more endurance but evening cyclists exhibit more power.

While the physical results differ, many other studies agree that an early morning workout prompts and enhanced efficiency. After all, you have more time throughout the day to do other things and more energy to perform them. A 2020 paper in the British Journal of Sports Medicine also notes better mood, insight, and attention.

A morning exercise routine can also improve your sleep. Based on a Vascular Health and Risk Management study, sweating it out at the crack of dawn can improve melatonin production at night. Moreover, producing happy hormones in the evening can mess up your circadian rhythm. You can utilize that excess vigor throughout the day.

Morning Exercise Routine Examples

Be the morning person you’ve always wanted to be with these morning exercises for beginners.

Jog around the village.

Use the morning to soak up some vitamin D as you trot a few laps around the block. The cooler temperature is conducive to .

Start with a 20-minute jog at a steady pace for the first few days. When you find yourself getting stronger or if you’ve defined your workout goals, you can lengthen the time or increase your speed. You can also apply the principles of high-intensity interval training in your jog. Run at top speed for two minutes then walk for one minute. Do this set five times.

Other cardio exercises you can do are , , and brisk walking.

Go through the rounds with circuit training.

Circuit training is an arrangement of six or more short exercise routines with even shorter breaks in between. It typically serves as maintenance, but beginners can enjoy it, too. If your gym is still closed and you’re doing it at home, you can practice with this sample program you can practice. Perform each for 60 seconds, with a 30-second break in between.

  • Jumping jacks
  • Fast feet
  • Forward planks
  • Side planks (right)
  • Side planks (left)
  • Bicycle crunches

Relax with yoga.

If you’re anticipating a stressful day, then you can start on a good note with yoga. It relieves anxiety, improves attention skills and mental clarity, and sets you on a positive outlook. As a more peaceful form of working out, yoga is ideal in the morning when there are fewer distractions.

Push yourself with push-ups.

One Filipino actor who’s known for his stacked bod swears by his daily regimen of 100 push-ups. Push-ups may be one of the most popular exercises, but it is also one of the most effective. With the correct form – core straight and engaged, shoulders not hunched – it works out your entire body. You can also tweak your form depending on your fitness level. Putting your knees down is ideal for beginners.

Burn fat with burpees.

Did you know that this power move was developed in the 1930s? Physiologist Royal Burpee created it to measure a person’s physical capabilities. It starts with a squat. Kick your legs out to a plank position as you move down. Finish by jumping up with your arms raised. Then, repeat.

Burpees are well-known for torching fat, but it’s a full-body workout that and requires zero equipment. For beginners, go for a slower pace. Remember, form is crucial to effectiveness.

Do you know what they say about the early bird? Well, you get a whole can of worms with a morning exercise routine. Make sure to apply  AXE Deo Bodyspray Gold Temptation after your shower. Not only will you be sweating long after you finish your workout, but you also need a great fragrance to match the confidence you’ll adopt all day long. Thanks to your new start-of-day ritual.