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If you find yourself in a tiff with a , best believe you won’t be getting the “Yo Mama” jokes or even a finger. It’s not the 2000s anymore. The most they’ll do is call you out for having L rizz. It sounds tame, but to admit that you have to Google “what is rizz” – which lands you on this article – stings more than any insult in the book.

Don’t feel left out, though. Unless you’re a plugged-in teenager, rizz is unlikely a part of your daily lexicon. Just for curiosity’s sake (and to keep up with the cool kids), here’s a crash course on the Zoomer slang.

What Is Rizz?

The answer to the question “What is rizz?” depends on whom you ask. The folks who publish the Oxford English Dictionary, and crowned rizz as their , define it as “style, charm or attractiveness,” or “the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner.” Some accept it as the shortened version of charisma, whereas others think it’s the equivalent of boyfriend material.

Kai Cenat, a Twitch streamer who made the word stick, has a slightly different explanation. According to him, winning the heart of someone who’s out of your league is what makes you full of rizz. You’re such a smooth talker that you can attract anyone while wearing cargo pants and sandals. That’s mad rizz.

So, Rizz Is Basically GigaChad, Right?

We’re going deeper into TikTok lingo. Rizz and GigaChadare not the same. The latter is a hyperbolic representation of the archetype. He’sconventionally attractive, super swole, and successful in all aspects of life, particularly in romantic relationships.

A man with rizz, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be an Adonis to attract people. It’s all about having good communication skills, per Cenat. In short, a GigaChadoften has rizz, but someone who has rizz may not be a GigaChad.

4 Signs You’re Dripping with Rizz

Now that we’ve covered the “what is rizz?” question, how do you get it or know if you have it? Pete Davidson has rizz while Drake supposedly doesn’t. It really has nothing to do with how much bank you’re making or how many Instagram followers you have. That’s good news. Because even if you’re , you can rizz anyone upas long as you have these qualities.

You get on with everyone.

Those with rizz have a knack for reading the room and behaving accordingly. They’re skilled at finding common ground, making others feel valued and understood, and having a good time regardless of the social setting. That’s why many rizz whizzes are also emotional empaths.

A great conversationalist with rizz always puts the spotlight on the person they’re talking to. Look people in the eyes when you speak to them, ask open-ended questions, and show genuine interest in their thoughts. Also, pay attention to your .

You’re not full of yourself.

When Tom Holland claimed he got limited rizz, the internet collectively disagreed. It’s his humility that makes him charismatic. Take a page out of Holland’s book. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself, laugh at your mistakes, and embrace your vulnerabilities. If you see an opportunity to hype someone up, do it – but be genuine. Butt kissers are cringe.

You’re a good texter.

If you want to shoot your shot successfully, your texting game needs to be unmatched. There are plenty of dos and don’ts, but the basics generally cover keeping your messages concise and grammatically correct. That’s right – mistaking “your” with “you’re” can lower your rizz meter significantly.

Another thing: stick to lighter topics. Share memes, talk about movies, or debate whether to put milk or cereal first. Save the deep convos for the fourth date.

You’re comfortable with yourself.

What is rizz without a healthy amount of self-esteem? This means being cool with how you look, not needing external validation, and liking where you are in life. Essentially, rizz is not comparing yourself to others. So, if wearing cargo pants and sandals makes you feel hot, rock them with confidence.

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What is rizz? To sum up, it’s your skill at securing a date against all odds. Not everyone is born with it, so if all the signs point to you having rizz, congrats. Go conquer the dating world. But if you don’t possess it, you can always learn.