A couple of man and woman enjoying a cup of coffee while camping outdoors.

Nothing is wrong with the classic “dinner and a movie.” However, it can get boring fast if you do it every weekend. Your goal is to sustain the excitement to secure a long-term connection. If you’re tired of all the usual activities, why not suggest a camping date? Roughing it allows you to see sides of each other you haven’t before, and being around nature might inspire some meaningful conversation.

Plus, an outdoorsy date is your chance to show your manliness without trying too much.

Anything and everything can happen in the great outdoors, so, ironically enough, you need some finesse to ensure your date goes smoothly. Remember these tips for an unforgettable escapade both of you can enjoy.

Pick the Right Location

Your literal camping ground can set you up for failure or success. The last thing you want is for crying children, a rowdy crowd, and buzzing mosquitoes to take over the mood. Find a site with accessible facilities, like public washrooms, a parking pad, and preferably a natural water source. Book a spot as early as possible to get the best option possible.

Mother Nature can make your date go south really quickly, so overpreparing is your friend. Check the weather forecast a week before your trip to see if it'll rain or be windy. You might be down to sleep with raindrops tapping on the tent, but your partner might not.

Plan Games and Activities

Stargazing by the campfire is romantic until you run out of topics to talk about. You have a full day to , so bring your A-game. Make a to-do list filled with exciting couple activities you know she will enjoy. Most campsites offer a wide range of recreation, such as hiking, kayaking, or even survival training!

You don't have to plan every second. Your camping date is about getting to know each other without distractions. So, slip in a few casual games to , like Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, or 20 Questions. You might want to pop a few beers to keep the conversation flowing, too.

Bring an Extra Jacket

Ah, the classic chivalrous move that never fails. Wrapping a jacket on a woman’s shoulders exudes charisma and shows your thoughtfulness. You can still make your move even if she packed a shawl or sweater. The temperature in camping grounds can drop significantly at night due to the differences in elevation. You will feel the wind – and her – getting colder, so bringing extra outerwear is just good sense. Pack one inside your bag and lend it to her when you see her shivering. It will help you pass the boyfriend test with flying colors, guaranteed.

Be the Cook

A pack of instant ramen screams buzzkill. Catch her attention by putting some effort into your cooking. You don’t have to be a professional chef. Camping cuisine usually involves just grilling or roasting. Prepare some pre-made beef patties, buns, marinara sauce, and cheese to make some bomb Italian burgers.

Some mistakes here and there are fine. She might find it charming. You can blame insufficient cooking equipment, after all. Plus, you get to subtly while preparing dinner.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Arguing over something you forgot to bring will instantly kill the mood. If packing is not your forte, be prepared with a checklist. Ask ahead to see what the camping site provides, and read reviews to check if they’re going to impress your SO or if you need to bring your own.

Generally, though, bring basic camping gear, such as a tent, grill or butane stove, sleeping bag, flashlights, lanterns, blankets, emergency kit, and water jug.

Then, list down the clothes and toiletries for the getaway. Since you want to pack light, bring LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Soap Total 10 to make your stay in the wilderness more practical. It keeps your skin fresh, odor-free, and clean with the Activ Silver+ formula that fights 99% of germs. 

Don’t forget to write down the cooking ingredients you’ll need for your dinner and lots of snacks. Check ahead if there are convenience or grocery stores near the site. Have some space left in your bag? Throw in a Bluetooth speaker to kick up the ambiance.

Start the Next Day Right

The date continues until the morning after. It is your chance to when she least expects it. Be the first to wake up and freshen up. Brush your teeth with closeup Menthol Fresh Toothpaste to eliminate morning breath. This toothpaste has Antibacterial Zinc that blasts up to 99.9% of bacteria to give you all-day AMA-ZINC fresh breath for up to 12 hours (with regular use).

Greet your SO with your pearly-white smile and a nice breakfast. Don’t worry too much about the menu, it’s the thoughts that count. This way, you can show her you’re not the bare-minimum kind of guy.

While so many things can go wrong during a camping date, so many things can go right, too. Follow these tips to make the trip something she will rave about with her friends.