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If you, like most men, have an elite membership at the Oily Skin Club, then you’re familiar with the hassles that come with it: pimples, blackheads, and a shiny forehead, to name a few. Busy? You probably don’t have the bandwidth to do an elaborate skincare routine, so we’ve simplified things. Read on for the easiest oily skin treatment plan you’ll ever find.

Stop Trying to “Dry Out” Oil

Rubbing your face with ? Stop that. Bar soap is made for the body, not your mug. Sure, male skin is thicker than female skin, but it can still be sensitive to irritants. Soaps can also be too drying on the skin, which at first can feel like a squeaky-clean win, but don’t be fooled. If your skin feels too dry, it’ll compensate by making more oil. Yikes. If you want to address your oily skin, the least you could do is have a separate cleansing routine for your face.

Switch to Products for Your Skin Type

The foundation of an effective oily skin treatment plan is a good cleansing product, and by good, we mean one that suits your skin’s needs. While generic products are okay, they may not give you the same results as a targeted facial wash.

Switch to a formula for oily skin to get the deep cleansing that you need. Try POND'S Men Facial Wash Acne Solution, which has a Thymol T essence that latches on to deep-seated dirt and bacteria to and keep your skin oil-free longer. 

Spot Treat Your Pimples

Most men smother their zits with an acne or oily skin treatment, thinking this is the best way to “erase” them. But the opposite is true – in this case, less is more and the gentle route is always better. Instead of applying your pimple treatment to your entire face, dab it only on affected areas. Doing the latter keeps bacteria from spreading and prevents your skin from drying out. Look for products with salicylic acid if you’re buying over the counter. For chronic, cystic pimples, consult your doctor.

Before applying your zit cream, make sure your face is clean. Wipe it with Master Deep Cleanser Oil Control Max With Zero Oil, which controls oil for up to eight hours and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. When your skin is dry, apply the treatment directly on your pimple with a clean finger or cotton swab.

Wash Off Sweat Immediately

If you’re an active guy, you probably spend a lot of time or at the gym. You love to sweat, but you hate how it makes you look and feel even greasier. One solution? Don’t let it linger on your skin. Wash your face immediately after , not after you post your (Photo 7 of 39, is it?), and not when you get home. Doing this will keep your sweat from mixing with oil, dirt, and dead skin cells in your pores, which can result in breakouts.

Use Sunscreen Daily

Are you one of those guys who hate the feeling of sunscreen on their skin? Well, get over it! Ask your doctor, girlfriend, sister, or mother about non-sticky sunscreens with at least SPF 30. Some sunscreen products are as fluid as water and easily absorbed by the skin. You won’t even know it’s there. Doing this daily will protect your skin from UV rays that dry your skin and trigger oil production overdrive. It also prevents inflammation and keeps your acne from getting worse.

The best oily skin treatment plan is one that you can follow and add to your daily routine without much disruption, and this is as simple as it gets. Follow these simple tips to manage oil, curb breakout, and get rid of unwanted shine.