Asian man in gray jacket washing hands in front of mirror

Why is handwashing important? At this point, it’s a question that you shouldn't even ask anymore, but the answer must constantly be reiterated. As the world nears a time of close physical contact and no masks, it’s become more necessary to keep your hands clean and hygiene on point.

With October being Handwashing Month (the 15th, specifically, is Global Handwashing Day), you have the perfect opportunity to reacquaint yourself with proper handwashing guidelines.

Why Is Handwashing Important?

The simple practice of washing your hands is your first defense against many common illness-causing bacteria. You can avoid getting sick by adopting this basic habit. According to Harvard Health, 30 seconds of handwashing with soap and water reduces bacterial count by 58%. Meanwhile, alcohol-based solutions, such as sanitizers and ethyl alcohol, decrease that number by 83%.

Numerous studies already prove that clean hands save lives:

  • The Department of Health reports that handwashing cuts the risk of diarrheal diseases by 30%.
  • Unicef Philippines notes that regular handwashing with soap can curb your chances of catching common viral infections by 36%.
  • The DOH also reveals that handwashing helps reduce and prevent stunting for 30% of Filipino children under five.
  • A Lancet journal study states that washing your hands with soap can prevent over half of pneumonia-related infections.

Unicef also reveals that it can drastically diminish the spread and impact of respiratory-related ailments.

So, it pays to keep a bottle of Lifebuoy Antibacterial Handwash Total 10 by the sink at all times. It has a unique Activ Silver+ ingredient that fights 99.9% of germs, leaving you confident that you're clean and protected.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

Don’t wait for your hands to be visibly dirty before you visit the sink. Wash up regularly, especially during situations that will leave you or others vulnerable to diseases. Check out this list of crucial moments to see if you’ve been fulfilling your .

You’re around food.

Whether you’re preparing dinner, about to enjoy a meal, or finishing a feast, washing your hands should be the first and last step when it comes to food. Food is a fast pass for germs to transfer from your hands to your mouth. Don’t make it easy for bad bacteria to enter your body.

You deal with sick people.

Is your girlfriend down with the flu? Are you a doctor constantly exposed to diseases? Wash your hands frequently to reduce your chances of catching anything. If you find yourself constantly by the sink, use Lifebuoy Antibacterial Soap Mild Care. Its gentler formula nourishes your skin more.

You’re sick yourself.

Many infections spread via droplets from a cough or a sneeze. Covering your mouth when you do either of these things is a good habit, but don’t forget to wash your hands – or your body if you’re an elbow sneezer. Lifebuoy Total 10, Mild Care, and Lemon Fresh come in a bar format to make  more convenient.

You’ve just been to the toilet.

In 2021, the DOH and the Department of Education learned that only 8% of school children wash their hands after using the bathroom. Adults don’t fare much better. The bathroom is a breeding ground for unsavory bacteria that you want to wash out as soon as possible. No sense in letting that linger all over you, especially on your hands.

You touched something likely contaminated.

You’re a , but your dog’s fur could be a trap for dust. Do you know where your cat’s been? Taking out the trash, cleaning the house, and maintaining your garden entail serious handwashing afterward. Lifebuoy Hand Wash Lemon Fresh doesn’t just get rid of germs, it also has a subtle, fresh scent that remove any unwanted smell.

Why is handwashing important again? Now you remember. Don’t forget that how you wash your hands is just as crucial as how often you clean them. Check out  to ensure your hand hygiene is well enough to protect you from illnesses.

You may be en route to normalcy, but it’s all the more reason you shouldn’t let your guard down. Arm yourself with the proper tools this Handwashing Month. Score up to 45% in discounts, vouchers, and freebies when you purchase Lifebuoy from  and  this October. If you want more variety, Dove also has a range of hand washes available. You can also visit  and earn U-COIN points when you spot Lifebuoy placements in the metaverse.