A portrait of woman with gold headpiece, big nose ring, and Indian makeup.

TikTok is full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it beauty moments. But one that has been dominating everyone’s FYP for weeks is the Asoka challenge. Even Filipina celebrities like Alex Gonzaga, Donnalyn Bartolome, and Marian Rivera have joined in on the fun. Inspired by a scene in the 2001 Bollywood movie Asoka, the trend features smooth cinematic transitions, a catchy track, and a mesmerizing Indian makeup look.

The Asoka trend pays homage to traditional Indian bridal makeup styles, which are anything but understated. Think smoky eyes, sharp angles, bold lips – the whole nine yards. If you’re all fired up to take on the challenge, read this guide on transforming into a Bollywood beauty.

Matte and Radiant Skin

The key to an airbrushed base is thorough . Not only will this ensure that your complexion looks nice on and off camera, but it will also help the rest of your makeup blend smoothly. Before applying primer and foundation, use POND'S Bright Miracle Serum Burst Cream to hydrate your skin. This daytime moisturizer is powered with , which helps brighten from three days of use.

Next, blur out any with an anti-shine primer. A little goes a long way. Rub it all over the oily areas of your face with your fingertips to prolong your foundation’s wear time.

Lightweight but Flawless Base

One of the most common Indian makeup mistakes is wearing too much foundation. A heavy base doesn’t mean better coverage. In fact, too many layers of products make the skin look .

When it comes to application, it’s best to start with a thin layer and build it up gradually if needed. Blend the formula from the center of your face to the sides using a damp beauty sponge or a foundation brush. Then, go in with concealer to highlight the high points of your face and cover blemishes.

On-Point Contour

Indian makeup looks are expected to be full-on glam. A complete showstopper. So, if you want to nail the Asoka challenge, you must be a little heavy-handed with .

To avoid looking muddy, reach for a cream contour rather than a powder one. The latter is easier to blend, which means you won’t end up with awkward lines smudged across your face. If you don’t have cream contour in your makeup bag, liquid foundation two shades or three darker than your skin tone is a great substitute.

Dramatic Doe-Eyed Effect

Go big or go home. Indian makeup is all about making a statement, and there’s no better way to do it than with smoky eyes. Stick to warm, earthy tones like brown and burgundy to “widen” your eyes. When you’re satisfied with the result, apply liner to the top lid and bring it up slightly at the ends for a lifted look.

For finishing touches, dab golden highlighter on the center of your lids and the inner corners. This helps wake up the eyes and amp up the drama. And of course, the last step is adding clusters of falsies.

Well-Defined Brows

Brows are one feature that can make or break any kind of Bollywood makeup look. Pluck them too thin, and your face will appear washed out. Draw them too thick, and they’ll overpower your features. That’s why you should aim for .

If you have naturally bushy brows, clean up their shape with a tweezer or small razor. Use brown powder to fill in any thinning areas and elongate the tails. If you have sparse brows, draw feather-like strokes with a fine-tipped pencil instead. Finally, coat those little hairs in tinted brow gel for added density.

Red Lips for the Win

There’s a perfect for you, regardless of your skin tone. Choose a shade with the same undertone as your skin. For example, chili pepper red and brick red work well on warm, whereas crimson and deep berry hues are more suitable for cool-toned ladies. Once you’ve picked a shade, outline your pout with a lip liner and swipe on your lipstick.

What’s left for you to do now is don your finest gold jewelry and a red saree. After wrapping up the video shoot, take off your Indian makeup with micellar water and POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Facial Foam. It deeply cleanses your pores with 20x brightening power, leaving your skin soft and glowing.

The Asoka challenge is a fun trend for everyone – even if you’re not a pro MUA (or Indian). Recreating Indian makeup style may seem intimidating, but you can modify it to match your skills and personal preferences with practice.