Woman with chubby cheeks smiling to the camera.

Chubby cheeks are an underrated facial feature that people should celebrate more. The natural roundness adds charm to your smile and, according to feng shui, signifies good fortune! Instead of hiding them, why not embrace them? With the proper beauty techniques, you can accentuate your round-shaped face and in your skin. 

The Beauty Behind Chubby Cheeks

In the era of hollow facial profiles, your chubby cheeks stand out even more. You might be tempted to get the buccal fat removal, but it can make you look way older than you are. The procedure permanently removes parts of the buccal fat pads located between the cheekbones and jawlines. It contours the cheeks nicely, but the remaining fat thins out over time, making the face gaunt.

While many people shell out thousands of dollars on fillers to look more youthful, you get the same effect for free. Your plump cheeks might be bothersome now, but you will be grateful to have them as you age. In addition,  finds baby-faced people are seen as trustworthy and friendly, which can boost your career and social life.

How to Highlight Chubby Cheeks

Don’t let your chubby cheeks hinder you from trying new looks! Here we give you the essential tips to enhance your natural facial structure.

Keep your skin plump and smooth.

Since your cheeks are the widest parts of the face, imperfections like shininess and flakiness can be more noticeable. Cleansing the face from oil and grime is paramount to creating a smooth, finish, and it starts with a .

If you have oily skin, use Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Oil Control Care, a cleanser that removes impurities and excess oil without stripping your skin of moisture. The formula can also help refine the pores. Meanwhile, if you have dry skin, wash your face with Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care. It’s infused with and for plump skin. Follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen to protect it from .

Do the skull contour.

Forget what you know about the “number 3” sculpting technique (where you draw a number three on either side of your face); it doesn’t look flattering on a . Instead, try the skull contour trick. As the name suggests, it uses the natural shape of your skull as a guideline to give more structure to the cheeks without taking away the fullness.

Follow the curve underneath your cheekbones with a cool-toned contour stick. Then, bring it down to the sides of your mouth. Blend with a brush or a sponge until there are no harsh lines. Next, put a highlighter on the T-zone, under the eyes, and the chin to add more dimension to the face. If you have a wide forehead, you can also sweep bronzer along the hairlines, but this is optional.

Place your blush higher.

Don’t shy away from ! It complements your soft, rounded features. The key is to place the blush slightly higher to lift the cheeks. Begin by applying it above the apple of your cheek or right below the eye. Blend diagonally toward the temple. Repeat the steps on the other cheek.

Avoid using shimmer when using blush this close to the eyes, especially if you have chubby cheeks – it can make your eyes appear puffy. Choose a matte or cream formula instead. Meanwhile, if you want a more innocent look, lightly sweep the blush on the tip of your nose. Set everything with , and your base makeup is complete!

Deepen the eyes with brown shadows.

Define the shape of your eyes to balance the fullness of your cheeks. First, place a matte brown eyeshadow all over the lids. After that, take a neutral color that is one or two shades darker than the base and apply it above the lash lines.

Make a V-shaped shadow with a deep brown color for the outer corners of the eyes. Blend everything with a fluffy brush and clean the edges with a Q-tip. To even more, swipe your lashes with mascara.

Arch your brows.

Chubby cheeks and arched eyebrows are a match made in heaven. The angled lines elongate the face and sharpen the cheekbones. To achieve this effect, map your brows before filling them in.

Line up a pen or a chopstick with the tip of your nose and the center of your eye. This is where the highest point of the arch should be. Then, line up the side of your nose with the outer corner of the eye to set where your brow ends. Mark these points to guide you as you draw feathery strokes to fill in sparse areas. Take a spoolie and blend before brushing the hairs upward for a bushy brow look.

Flaunt your chubby cheeks in all their glory because, thanks to them, you’ll still look like a twentysomething for the next 10 years or so. Experiment with different techniques to see which works for your face shape. Don’t forget to have fun with it!