Smiling woman with long hair and double chin posing in front of the camera.

Accidentally opening the front camera of your phone can reveal two things. First, that the low-angle shot is less than flattering, and second – probably the most jaw-dropping – is you have a double chin. This padding around your neck is one of the many “flaws” that society deems as something to hide or fix.

Hundreds of articles online share tips on eliminating a double chin, from getting a fat-dissolving injection to doing . But in case you didn’t know, this pocket of fat is a naturally occurring characteristic that isn’t always indicative of obesity. In fact, it’s more common to have it than not.

What Causes Double Chin?

Carrying extra fat between your chin and neck is linked to many factors, including genetics. Your DNA determines where your body stores fat. Some people accumulate more fat around their belly, while others do so beneath their jawline.

Speaking of ancestry, Asians naturally have and a smaller jawbone, which can also contribute to the appearance of a double chin. Aging, too, has its role to play. As the years pass, the skin’s elasticity gradually diminishes. The on the lower part of your face creates an illusion of excess fat under the chin.

In other cases, having “two chins” is a sign of . Constantly craning your neck forward weakens the muscles over time. Additionally, chronic mouth breathing can force the jaws to shift back, causing the fat below your chin to droop.

Loving Yourself, Double Chin and All

You can’t control your genes or bone structure, but you can control how you perceive and treat yourself. And while it’s hard to let go of the ingrained idea that beauty only fits a specific mold, there are so many perks to embracing your double chin.

It adds to your cuteness.

Your plump under-chin has an adorable charm, so instead of seeing it as something that detracts from your visage, accept it as a part of your allure. Notice how it softens your features, resulting in a that makes you look at least five years younger. Plus, it gives you more reasons to go all out with accessories. Plunging necklines with intricate necklaces and hoop earrings? Yes, yes, and yes!

Double the chin, double the fun.

Take selfies from above with a precise downward 45-degree angle, don’t smile too widely, and lean your head forward – these posing rules keep you from looking like you have a double chin. Before you know it, you can become fixated on that teeny fold of skin that you don't see the woman who is having the time of her life.

Does having a snatched jawline matter more than enjoying the moment? A resounding no. As Jameela Jamil put it, “And I love my chins for being such faithful friends to my biggest laughs.” Now throw out the rulebook, laugh big, and capture as many photos as you want.

It helps improve your body image.

For as long as many can remember, have been more inclined toward Caucasian features: a long nose bridge, fair skin, and a chiseled jawline. However, reality paints a different picture.

Female bodies come in an array of shapes and proportions. And that pocket of fat underneath your jaw also makes you uniquely you. It’s harmless and doesn’t make you any less attractive – just like your love handles and . The more you embrace your double chin, the more you appreciate yourself and all that you are and can be.

You have more time for what truly matters.

Letting your double chin be is far easier than concealing it. The time spent contorting your body, finding the perfect angle, and editing your photos can be directed toward other pursuits. When you liberate yourself from the confines of societal expectations, you gain the power to channel your focus into more productive things, such as your career or self-care.

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