Asian woman smiling

If you follow the standards of beauty pageantry, then you probably know the Philippines has some of the most beautiful women in the world – or the universe, rather. The country is one of only four to win Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. It is tied with the US for having the second-greatest number of wins, too. Despite this acclaim, many women are still .

Is there an or is it, as many would say, in the eye of the beholder? Does beautiful mean the fair mestiza, the or the gentle chinita? While beauty is a matter of opinion, the fact is that every Filipino face is beautiful, with no ifs and buts about it.

Do you have a darker skin tone or a flat nose bridge? It doesn’t matter. They give you a unique look – your . Start embracing your features more. It’s time to stop looking for things to love about other people and begin .

Flat Nose Bridge

Your flat nasal bridge isn’t just a matter of genetics. It’s also a product of evolution. According to a 2017 PLOS Genetics study, the air in the tropics is hot and rarified. Thus, those who live in warmer climates have wider, flatter noses so nothing can impede airflow. Meanwhile, a longer bridge is necessary for people residing in frostier places. The narrower nostrils and lengthier bridge room help warm the cold air.

Were you ever called pango? All that teasing may have roots in colonialism. In William Henry Scott’s 1994 book Barangay, precolonial women in the Visayas used to bind infants’ heads to flatten their foreheads and noses. Back then, those features were considered handsome.

If you’re looking in the mirror and sighing about your nose, well, it’s a feature that makes you proudly Pinoy.

Dark Skin Tone

Colorism, or the preference for fairer skin, has a long history in the Philippines. In the 2012 study “Colonial Faces: Beauty and Skin Color Hierarchy in the Philippines and the US,” its impact has gone beyond taste. Fairer skin has come to represent economic class and even power for those who can afford to purchase lightening products or procedures. Research from the University of Milwaukee also states that the right skin color has become a social currency to get more opportunities.

Fortunately, the morena movement has been snowballing. have gone out proclaiming love for their . On a scientific level, researchers have learned that darker skin is stronger and more protected. When taken care of, brown skin can exhibit a stunning .

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Big Eyes

Several years ago, being chinita was the beauty du jour, which may have made you question your eye shape. Unlike other Southeast Asians, Filipinos are built with big, beautiful peepers. Big eyes make your face more expressive in general and they also serve as a great vehicle for makeup.

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Thick Lips

Lip fillers? You don’t need them. Thick lips are part and parcel of a Filipino face. Besides being a canvas for , big lips are scientifically construed as more beautiful. A study on the Golden Ratio by Vision Research reveals that bigger lips are a sign of mating potential. Another paper in Acta OtorhinolaryngolItalica says they signal youth and voluptuousness.

Kinky or Curly Hair

Inherited from our Aeta and Malay ancestors, kinky hair is often part of the Filipino look. Kinky hair refers to wiry and coarse or spongy and naturally dry locks. It comes in varying degrees, from small, tight curls to wavier strands.

While hair isn’t a facial feature, it nonetheless frames your face and plays a big part in your confidence. While curls can be temperamental, just find the that suits your locks and lifestyle. Big, curly hair can be a tremendous asset when you . It can even help you show off your vivacious personality.

It’s time to stop comparing yourself to other people’s standards. Besides, you likely other qualities that make you . If you have a Filipino face, own it. The definition of beauty has grown so much and being beautiful or attractive isn’t even limited to physical features. There are lots of gorgeous women around, and guess what? You’re probably – in all likelihood – one of them.