Smiling woman in glitter outfit drinking champagne.

Nothing screams “festive” more than a glitter outfit, which instantly transforms you into the star of the party. Just ask Beyoncé and Taylor Swift who never run out of sparkly dresses, whether they’re posing on the red carpet or killing it on the stage. And if we’re being honest, there’s no such thing as too much sparkle. 

If it’s your first time tapping into the trend, we’ve got your back. Ahead, you can find styling tips on rocking any glitter outfit without looking like a worn-down disco ball.

Keep It Casual with Jeans

Some things are just better together, like glitter and denim. The latter has that understated coolness, which perfectly complements the razzle-dazzle of your sparkliest top. What’s more, this ensemble is highly versatile as both a daytime and nighttime look. You can wear it to a girls’ brunch, , or the mall while .

There’s no hard rule when it comes to pairing denim. Basically, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. For starters, you can rock a pair of skinny jeans with a fringe hem top or an embellished loose shirt to give you a flowy silhouette. Baggy jeans, on the other hand, look on point with a glitter crop top or bejeweled corset. Planning to wear a glitter party dress? Top it with a denim jacket!

Layer Up

Not to sound like a Filipino mom trying to keep you from getting cold, but layering can add depth and dimension to your glitter outfit. Plus, an outer can help you prepare for anything and everything. Throw one on when the temperature drops and take it off when you have . Practical and fashionable!

The key to successful layering is to stick with neutral shades. Combining glitter with contrasting textures can create a more balanced look as well. Opt for classic pieces, such as a white button-down shirt or knitted cardigan for a laid-back vibe. If your aesthetic leans more toward rocker-chic, a leather bomber, blazer, or trench coat is the winner.

Go Low-Key on Accessories

Too much bling-bling draws attention away from your glitter outfit. So, keep your accessories minimal. A skinny belt is perfect for accentuating . Meanwhile, a keeps your hair in place and shows a flair of personality without overdoing it. You can match the color with your shoes or bag for an extra (but subtle) oomph.

Wear Strappy Heels

Your first instinct might be to slip on some glitzy heels to complete your glam look. While shimmering platforms can certainly make a statement, styling them with a sequin dress can look over the top. Enter strappy heels, a fuss-free alternative that brings a touch of elegance.

Here’s a tip: Choose a pair with block heels for more comfort and stability. The structure makes walking so much easier, which comes in handy when you’re strutting along uneven pavement or, even worse, over grass. Save the stilettos for black-tie events .

Or Show Off Your Sneakers

Who says your Nikes are only for the gym? Make like the Gen-Z and wear your kicks with a fancy glitter outfit this holiday season. White sneakers can dress down your ‘fit while chunky dad trainers give it that night-luxe-meets-streetwear aesthetic. Best of all, these shoes are made to conquer the streets. No blisters, twisted ankles, or sore feet.

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Anyone can pull off a glitter outfit. All it takes is confidence and some level of styling prowess. So, dance your feet off, take lots of photos, and sparkle away!