Asian woman wearing a glamorous party look

Are you ready for ? One of the most exciting things about going out is getting “glammed up.” You probably have a different idea of what that means from, say, your best friend or coworker. It can mean doing precision, Kardashian-style looks, or going for soft and barely-there a la Dakota Johnson. Whatever the style, a glam makeup look will always have these key elements to take it from everyday to party-away.

A Clean, Luminous Base

What makes a good base? For your makeup to look glamorous, your skin needs to be clean, smooth, and hydrated. Achieve this by your skin instead of haphazardly washing it. It sounds simple but taking the time to cleanse makes a huge difference. Your makeup will look lit and adhere better to your skin.

Start with an oil-based cleanser. Massage a small amount all over your face to melt away impurities, makeup, and oil. After rinsing, use Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Oil Control Care to wash off any remaining product and oil. The unique mousse formula penetrates the pores for a deep clean, and other blemishes.

Groomed Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows frame the face and give you a more sophisticated, put-together look. You can visit an eyebrow specialist to have your eyebrows done or groom them yourself.

According to a of 300 sample images, high-bending eyebrows with small eyes and a round face and low-bending eyebrows with larger eyes and a longer face are generally more attractive. Whatever your eyebrow shape, the key is removing stray hairs and filling out sparse areas. Finally, define your arches with an eyebrow pen and brush them up for a natural finish

Well-Placed Shimmer

Shimmer is an essential element of a glam makeup look. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always mean “glitter,” the latter being a big no-no to most people. It is possible to add shimmer without matching the holiday décor. For example, use a neutral eyeshadow with gold flecks for a glam, 3D effect. You could also pat highlighter on your cheekbones, browbones, the bridge of your nose, and . It will give you a polished, lifted effect that’s 100% glam.

Luscious Lashes

A glam makeup look won’t be complete without luscious eyelashes. If falsies make you uncomfortable, you can achieve the look with good old mascara, a clean spoolie, or even a new toothbrush. First, press your eyelash curler down three times along the length of your lashes. Then, take your favorite mascara. Choose black if you want to go full glam makeup, brown or bronze if you prefer daytime glam. Apply two coats to your lashes. Afterward, brush them with a clean spoolie to remove any clumps.

Precision Lip Color

You’d want to skip the lip gloss and go for something a bit more grown-up. While stains and balms can also work, nothing makes you look more glam than some precisely applied lip color. Don’t worry about having a steady hand.

Use a creamy but quality lip liner to line your lips using feathery strokes. After lining them, fill them in by drawing lines from the outline. Try a shade closest to your natural lip color to avoid embarrassing smudges. Then, apply your lipstick with a lip brush to finish the look. Go for , plum, burgundy, or even a flattering nude color.

A glam makeup look for the holidays doesn’t have to be complicated. You can achieve it by incorporating these five elements and focusing on looking polished.