Woman in white T-shirt and denim pants reading a book while lying on a sofa.

Few topics have been as glorified as – the idea that one must delicately juggle professional demands and personal well-being in perfect equilibrium. However, clocking out of work at five on the dot doesn't necessarily grant you extra hours for hobbies and personal time. The truth is, how you use your time is up to you and you have the power to slow down.

Knowing when to go fast and put the brakes on is important. That's the cornerstone of slow living – an approach to being present and appreciating the little moments. However, it doesn't mean letting go of your ambitions and . Below, we share some practices to help you hit pause and turn off the chaos.

Embrace Boredom

Zoning out can spark the most outrageous, somewhat brilliant ideas. Sir Issac Newton himself invented calculus out of quarantine-induced boredom. While mathematical breakthroughs might not be in everyone's life goals, staring at the ceiling can kick your creativity into high gear. As neuroscientists suggest, our brains delve into , forming novel connections they wouldn't have during our busy hours.

The downside is that not many people know how to harness the power of boredom. Swiping, tapping, and scrolling on your phone won't do the trick. In fact, doing so pulls you further into the depths of ennui. To make the most of your idle time, step away and let your mind wander. If you feel like it, you can get lost in mindless activities like folding the laundry. 

Slow Down Your Mornings

This is not your cue to hit snooze five too many times. Rather, a reminder to choose your morning activities wisely. Mornings are not so bad if you start off on the right foot. Begin with a satisfying stretch, savor a , and take a brisk walk outdoors. Above all, make a conscious decision to give yourself 100% attention. That means no emails and social media lurking. 

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Reconnect with Your Childhood Favorites

What brought you the most joy when you were a kid? When you think of those simple pleasures that colored your childhood, you break away from the monotony of daily routines. Marc Wittmann, a psychologist, says that slipping in some new experiences – no matter how small – can help slow down your .

Perhaps you wished to spend all night inside a blanket fort or watch cartoons while eating cereals. Now that you’re a grown-up, you’re free to relish these pastimes whenever the mood strikes. It’s the gift of adulthood – the ability to tap into these without parental glares or vetoes. Besides, you’re never too old to be young.

Never Get Your Coffee To-Go

When it comes to café culture, Europeans know how to enjoy it best. As practical as it is to get your caffeine fix while rushing to the next meeting, the art of sipping a cup of coffee should be a cherished ritual. Slow down, and you'll uncover a newfound appreciation for life's fleeting moments. The ambiance, the silverware's clinks, and the conversation hum all add to the charm of your mini escape. So, the next time you order your Spanish latte, savor it with a good book and watch the world unfold before you.

Listen to a Whole Playlist

More than hit the skip button before a song even finishes, according to Paul Lamere, the mastermind behind the song recommendations in your Spotify. There’s nothing wrong with fast-forwarding to your favorite track on an album; we all have songs we can’t stand. But taking the time to listen to an entire playlist offers an unexpected opportunity to slow down and discover new gems.

Instead of fixating on what’s on the queue, you can immerse yourself in the present song, appreciating its rhythm and verses. In a sense, this mirrors the – paying attention to your surroundings without passing judgment.

Spinning through life with the go-go-go mindset can leave you wondering, "Where has the time gone?" It's okay to slow down and collect as many tranquil moments as possible. These simple activities can help you reset and make your grind more rewarding.