Woman in mint green shirt reading a book on a bed with two pink pillows.

Many of us dream of spending the weekends alone without distractions. Doing nothing. But when the opportunity presents itself, the knee-jerk reaction is to find anything you can do to kill time, be it cleaning the house or going down Wikipedia rabbit holes. Why is it so hard to have quality time in solitude?

There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, the  reports that 67% of men and 25% of women would rather shock themselves than sit alone with their thoughts.

That’s right, spending quality time with yourself feels like a struggle because the brain craves distraction. Read on for that won’t only help you enjoy your me-time, but also make these rare moments even more meaningful.

Take a Break From Your Phone

Your friend or SO would be pretty annoyed if you constantly scroll through Instagram when meeting them. Give yourself the same respect by putting away your phone during your me-time. Checking your notifications will spark , prompting you to look up what other people are up to.

Turn on your “Focus” function to temporarily block distractions and use the smart speaker or the built-in virtual assistant to play music or check navigations. Cutting back your by just a few minutes gives you a chance to get used to it! If you’re used to spending five hours on your phone, reducing it to one hour is already a big win.

Let Your Mind Wander

Anyone who says daydreaming is a waste of time has been doing it incorrectly. According to , allowing your mind to wander can lead to some great innovations, and the way to do it is by rehearsing the scenario.

First, do some calming activities to put you in the right headspace, such as watching a wildlife documentary on TV or continuing your knitting project. Then, choose the topic. Perhaps you want to live the life of a sixth Kardashian-Jenner sister or go on an . Whatever it is, make sure that the theme is light and won’t trigger overthinking. Before you know it, you’re hanging out stress-free.

Romanticize Your Life

If the bulk of your screen time is spent on TikTok, you’ve likely come across several videos encouraging you to romanticize the little moments. As clichéd as it sounds, you’re entitled to be the of your life. Spend some quality time , keeping in touch with your movement, thoughts, emotions, and surroundings.

So how should you start living like you’re in a Wes Anderson film? Find the magic in mundane activities, like cooking with a cute apron, wearing matching pajamas, or taking yourself on a date. You can also turn a regular shower into a mini at-home spa sesh with Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Body Wash that leaves your skin fresh and hydrated for up to 24 hours with regular use.

Be Goofy

A full day alone means you’re free to do anything without anyone watching. Unleash your and be your truest self. Do you have the urge to sing your heart out as if you’re having a concert? Turn the volume up! Want to feel cozier while watching Netflix? Build a blanket fort! No one is going to say no because, well, you’re the adult here! By night's end, you’ll realize that having quality time alone is pretty fun.

Steel Yourself Against Skeptics

Some people associate spending quality time alone with being anti-social or shutting down. Your friends or family may even get upset when you turn down their invitations for the sake of solitude. If this happens, put your foot down and tell them how important is for your health and sanity.

It's worth reminding them that your decision to stay in for a day doesn't change how you feel about them. Asking them to reschedule will also help your close ones understand your new habit. Remember that you can't please everyone, so don't feel guilty. You have the right to choose how you spend your time.

Spending quality time by yourself is not only therapeutic but also an important life skill. So block off your schedule, wear your most comfortable clothes, and hang out with your best friend: you.