Skeleton and rainbow makeup for Halloween

The spookiest time of the year is here, and if you don’t have a costume planned out yet, don’t fret. You can easily make a memorable statement with makeup essentials that you already have at home – no need to hire a pro! If you’re looking for a guide on Halloween makeup for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. We sought the help of some of our favorite makeup artists to give you easy-to-achieve beauty party season.

Scroll down and choose from our IG-worthy makeup for beginners below:

The Look: Easy Vampirella

Make an elegant yet party-ready statement with this vampy look by Muriel Vega Perez, best paired with slicked-back hair and ultra-polished brows. “For your , use black or gray kohl liner all over your lids and smudge it out,” says Muriel. You can also use the same eyeliner to line your upper lash line and water line, as well as under the eyes. “It’s okay to be a bit messy – it adds drama,” he adds.

Speaking of drama: “Apply black mascara on your lower and upper lashes and go the extra mile by doing multiple layers.” To finish off the look, apply your darkest red or wine-colored lipstick for a va-va-voom pout.

The Look: Sexy Skull

Want a look that strikes the perfect balance between spooky and sexy? Try this quick look by Ara Fernando. “For this, you need black and white face paint,” she says, adding that oil-based paint is better as it won’t melt off when you sweat. “Make sure you have a on before applying the face paint so you have an extra barrier of protection for your skin.”

To create the skull effect, identify the hollow parts of your face – around the eyes, jawline, edges of the forehead, cheekbones – and color these with black paint. Then apply white on everything else. For added definition, use a black eyeliner pencil to add details. “Blend out edges for a smoother finish or keep lines straight for a more edgy look,” says Ara.

The Look: Rainbow Babe

For Sylvina Lopez, Halloween makeup doesn’t always have to be dark or scary. “You can interpret your ideas with a creative [makeup] statement that goes with your character,” she says. “It’s a fun way to interpret a costume in an inventive way.”

She used a mix of colored eye shadows and glitter for this chic, rainbow-inspired look. “To make bright colors pop, I recommend using a white cream shadow as a primer,” she shares. “Glitter in select places can also make a look pop when packed on.”

The Look: Glam Clown

This simple look by Tamara Tanlets you channel a creepy jester, and only requires red lipstick, red and black eye shadow, and black gel or liquid eyeliner. “Start by doing your brows like you normally would using red eye shadow (or lipstick!),” she says, “Blend it with black eye shadow to make it darker.”

For the eyes, apply black eye shadow on the inner half of your eyelid and red on the outer half. “You can even use lipstick for this,” she says. “Do the same under the eyes, but this time, put red on the inner half and black on the outer half.” Line your eyes with eyeliner but extend it outwards and on the inner corners for extra drama. “For the clown-like effect, draw a vertical line on the center of your eyelid where the two colors meet, extending under the eyes. Then draw a dot at the end.” For a bolder look, you can add falsies.

Lastly, line your lips with black gel liner then fill in with . “Use your finger to blend the colors,” she says. “To achieve a clown-like smile, use eyeliner to draw a line from the corners of your lips towards your cheeks.”

The Look: Chucky’s Bride

Louise Marfil’s version of the “Bride of Chucky” – complete with a head of platinum blonde locks – is another look that you can create using just red and black makeup. Use red eye shadow or lipstick to color all over your lids and blend them out for a smoky look. Line your eyes heavily with black gel eyeliner, extending past the outer corners of your eyes. Don’t forget to put on exaggerated falsies for that Halloween doll stare! Louise also used black eyeliner to draw on extra-defined eyebrows.

For the lips, use black lipstick for spooky kissers. No black lippie? Swipe on red lipstick, then use your black eye shadow or gel eyeliner to layer on black pigment.

Post-Party Skincare

Whatever look you go for, here’s a friendly beauty reminder: Don’t forget to after your Halloween happenings. To make sure no traces of product are left on your skin, go for a .

Start with an oil-based product to melt away stubborn makeup and other impurities. For your second cleanse, use a water-based cleanser: Try Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Brightening Care, which builds up to a creamy lather that effectively cleanses pores, removes makeup, and brightens skin. Pat skin dry – don’t rub – and you’re done! If you prefer a cleanser that works overtime, POND'S Orange Nectar Jelly Cleanser hydrates and brightens as it cleanses.

Give these ideas on Halloween makeup for beginners a try and give your friends a spooky yet sensational surprise.