Simone Ashley wearing a tweet jacket

Simone Ashley is a proudly dark-skinned queen who broke into the spotlight as Kate Sharma, older sister to the “diamond of the season” in Bridgerton. More than her penchant for periwinkle, one thing fans noticed about her is her impossibly glowing skin. How do you achieve such a glow? You don’t need to wait for the next Society Papers to find out. Here are some tips.

But First, Skin Care

Considering the stressful life Kate lives as a protective big sis, her skin looks like it’s been unbothered all her life. According to a new study led by the University of St. Andrews in the UK, the secret to glowing skin is plenty of fruits, sleep, and exercise. No , no vices. While Kate has probably lost sleep for a few nights (no spoilers), her family is after all supposedly a part of a ruling class. That status comes with cooks that make healthy meals and sprawling gardens to promenade around and get her steps in.

As for skin care, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends regular exfoliation to get that real-life Simone Ashley glow. unclogs the pores, prevents breakouts, smoothens texture, brightens the complexion, and improves the effectiveness of skincare products. You can do this mechanically, as in with scrubs or peeling treatments that use friction, or chemically with such as glycolic acid or lactic acid.

Another way to boost your glow is to choose products with brightening antioxidants like and hydrating niacinamide. The latter also helps smooth and even out the skin tone. POND'S Orange Nectar Jelly Cleanser is the perfect cleanser if you have oily skin since it has both ingredients and is oil-free. Next, boost radiance and dewiness with POND’S Triple Glow Serum. You only need a couple of pumps to infuse your skin with hydrating ingredients for that fresh, glowy look.

Get a Radiant Makeup Look

You can complement your skincare routine with the right makeup products and techniques. Simone Ashley's look starts simply at the beginning of the series and gradually grows more feminine and romantic as the plot progresses. Talk about an “in love ka ba” glow-up!

Simone Ashley’s makeup artist reportedly uses the standard combo of concealer and foundation. The magic happens when the final look is set with a highlighter balm, which lends a creamy, lit-from-within glow. The product is pressed using the fingers instead of brushed on so that it seamlessly melts into the skin.

Of course, it’s crucial to match your foundation to your skin exactly, just like Simone’s products match her beautiful, dark skin. The British actress who is of South Asian descent is also a staunch advocate of inclusive beauty and representation, often posting about it on social media.

Who says dark skin can’t glow? Simone Ashley’s look on Bridgerton and IRL is proof that everyone can be a radiant #kween. To read about another brown-skinned beauty, check out our article on .