Asian woman shopping for beauty products at a store.

Let’s be honest: maintaining healthy skin can be expensive, especially if you need several products to address your needs. If you’re looking for ways to save money without compromising your tried-and-tested beauty regimen, here are tipid tips to help you do just that.

Check the Packaging

contributes to a product’s longevity. For example, volatile products like last longer when they come in dark bottles that preserve the formula unless it has been stabilized.

Careful and clever packaging prevents bacteria from contaminating the contents, prolonging the product’s shelf life. The next time you buy foundation or moisturizer, choose a pump dispenser, which keeps germs from infiltrating the container. Moreover, these types of packaging release just the right amount of product, making it more economical (and less wasteful!) than their jar or tube counterparts.

Use Your Hands to Apply Makeup

One of the few tipid tips that won’t leave you feeling deprived of joy: use your hands! Makeup sponges, blenders, and brushes absorb almost as much product as they transfer on your skin – just if you don’t believe it. Using your (clean) hands ensures that your skin care and cosmetics go on your face. Want more bang for your buck? Press your products on instead of rubbing them in, which is like wiping them off.

Choose Tried-and-Tested Over Trendy

According to a 2020 survey by Kantar Worldpanel, Filipinos spend an average of P1,000 to P1,500 on skincare products per month, mostly on cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and . That’s just the basics! These numbers don’t account for impulse (a.k.a. “budol”) buys triggered by social media and hard-to-resist sales. Stick to your favorite products and avoid making trend-driven purchases while trying to save money. You probably don’t need that new P2,500 serum anyway.

Use Multitasking Products

are a godsend for the budget-conscious. Some examples include serums that double as masks, bodywashes and lotions that clean and nourish the skin, and 2-in-1 hair products like shampoo with conditioner. These get the job done and – bonus! – also cut your prepping time.

Try Bar Soap

Slathering on a sudsy body wash may feel luxurious, but not if it's eating away at your budget! Sometimes, good old bar soap will do just fine. Aside from being a functional and reliable hygiene essential, bars can also last several weeks. Try LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Soap Total 10, an all-around antibacterial soap that fights 99% of germs with ActivSilver. Get the triple pack for more savings.

Be a Smart Shopper

Anyone who follows tipid tips knows there’s more to budgeting than not buying things – it’s all about strategy. For example, you can wait for a sale (there's at least one every month on Shopee and Lazada) and buy in bulk to get more value for money. Getting supersized versions can also save you some cash. You can also buy refill packs, which usually cost less.

Ran out of Dove body wash? Get the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash Refill Pouch. It has the same skin-loving benefits, such as NutriumMoisture technology, which penetrates up to 10 layers deep within the epidermis, and beads that reveal healthy, radiant skin.

Store Your Items Properly

Finally, optimize your shower storage to preserve your skin care products and beauty tools. For example, make sure that you place your bar soap in a container that drains water, so it doesn’t sit in a puddle and melt. Keep your dry to prevent the blade from rusting. Seal your lotions and other liquids to avoid wasteful spillage.

Follow these tipid tips to save money without modifying your skincare routine too much. Skin care is self-care, so go ahead and: shop and enjoy the products you love without breaking the bank.